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Hi friends.

I need help on the identification of the decorations of Admiral Adolf von Trotha. As I can see:




1. Iron Cross 2nd class

2. Hohenzollern House Order Knight cross with Swords

3. Red Eagle Order with Crown and Swords. 4th or 3rd class?

4. Red Eagle Order with Crown and Swords on the Ring. 4rh or 3rd class?

5. Unknown cross pattée. Meklemburg? Oldenburg? Anhalt? Hanseatic?

6, 7 and 8: Three blurry medals. I suppose that the big last is the Káiser Wilhelm I centenary medal.


By the way, what do you think about the neck decoration under the Pour le Merite?



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under the Pour le Merite it should be the

Roter Adlerorden 2nd class with Eichenlaub und Schwerter am zweimal schwarz- und dreimal weißgestreiften Band

on the medal bar:

königlicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern Ritterkreuz mit Schwertern

Roter Adlerorden 3rd class with Schwerter am Ring und Krone

Roter Adlerorden 4th class with Schwerter und Krone


Entries from Rangliste der kaiserlich Deutschen Marine 1918

Maybe i could help ?!



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Under the plM is the commander's cross of the House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords on Ring.

For some reason, the Red Eagle 4th Class with Crown and Swords is ahead of the Red Eagle 3rd Class with Bow, Crown and Swords on Ring.  Maybe he thought a lower award with swords should come before a higher one without. The bow (Schleife) on the 3rd Class means one previously received the 4th Class.  The "swords on ring" meant one had a lower class with swords, so that when you moved up to the higher classes for peacetime merit or long service, people could still see that you had earlier received one for combat.  However, another quirk of the Red Eagle was that an award for special merit with the crown was worn even after a higher class was awarded.  So he still wore his 3rd and 4th Classes even though he had a 2nd Class.  

The last three should be the China and Southwest Africa medals and the Centenary medal.  He is not wearing any of his non-Prussian/Imperial German awards, although he had many from other German states and foreign countries.

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