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Japanese Red Cross

Laurence Strong

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The Japanese Red Cross medal was established on 21 June 1988, from what I can gather they were issued for major conflicts and there was a male and a female version.

Here's what I have at the momment. What else is out there? What do you have?

Can some one explaine the different levels of the order?

This is a Womans Silver medal for the 1904-05 Sino Russo War. Case front

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Continuing with the womens , WW2 with rosette, can someone explaine the difference or reason for the rosette.

This kind of rosette was for "special membership". I don't know what differs special from normal membership.

Here is mine, mounted.

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I forgot to say that it is unmarked.

Here is another one from my collection that is marked. Made of what looks to be silver. I will only post a picture of the mark since the rest of the medal looks like any other red cross medal. :P

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