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Medaille Militaire with Skull ?

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I was contacted by an gentlemen who received the baton/insignia in the picture as a gift from a military veteran. The veteran told him that it was part of a medal. At this time the veteran was a French Concorde Pilot. 

Could it be an on-official baton related to the Medaille Militaire? Could there be an French Foreign legion connection?  

IMG_2237 (1).jpg

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Chris is right. The Foreign Legion never used skulls, it just is not their tradition.

I don'r know what is this lapel badge for sure. But I could venture a theory;

The colours are those of the Medaille militaire which is the highest reward for bravery in the field for NCOs & other ranks. It also is the long and distinguished services award for the same personnel.

The same duallity exists with the Legion of honor for officers. After WW1, a number of French officers who had received the order for gallantry felt they wanted to have something to tell this ; la "Société des membres de la Legion d'honneur decores au peril de leur vie" was established for this. Their lappel badge was a Legion of honor star enameled white with in the center a skull instead of the profile of the French Republic.

That badge makes me think that NCOs who received their Medaille militaire for bravery might have wanted to do the same.

I cannot prove this.

All the best


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The legion has never used skulls,






they never used skull as a skull itself, but watch the first breast bedge of the 3rd REI.

If you take away the fourragères you will see one.

See SZECSKO, page 71.


In my opinion the insignia shown in the picture is self made.




skull 3. REI.jpg

Kopie von skull 3. REI.jpg

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That way I get to see skull's every where....

....and secret messages when playing records backwards....

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