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Beautiful Italian Ribbon bAr

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Just bought this exquisite ribbon bar, is there anyway to look up Italian soldiers/officers awarded the Legion de Honor?


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I'm trying to research an Italian WWI service and I'm having a difficult time. Normally I wouldn't think too much into it but he was awarded a Legion of Honor and CdG. I've never heard of an Italian decorated with a French order so I believe there is a chance to identify the recipient.  

So here's what is known off the bat.

1) veteran of the First Ethiopian War, Turkish War, and WWI.

2) judging by this span of service (20-25) he could be a field grade officer. I suggest field grade because of the rosette on the LoH ribbon. The Lowest class or Cavalier class was  given to Noncoms and Enlisted men.

3) he was also awarded two Valor medals, at least one of those is linked to the LoH.

4) to be awarded a CdG you have to fight on French Soil. 

5) The majority of the Italian army was fighting against the Austrians. It's possible that he could have been stationed in the Alps.

I know with some dedication and patients, I can unravel this mystery. But any help is very appreciated.

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