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1. Humanitarian Service Medal

2. Fifth Summit of the Americas Medal

3. Unknown

4. Efficiency Medal

I may know what (most) of them are, but I would appreciate further details about terms of award.


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Some what embarassed by my initial post on the Summit of the Americas  medal, I've looked it up and from what fragmentary information I've found I believe it was awarded to members of the Trinidad and Tobaggo Defence Force who were actively deployed during the 2009 Summit.  As I suspect that many members of the Force are territorial/militia, I'd guess that this would represent their only active deployment for some.

The then commander of the T&TFF, elected a member of Parliament in September this year, was awarded it "for exemplary service during the hosting of the Summit".


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Hello Asandy & others Gentlemen,

To help this topic, I post the obverse & reverse photo of Asanty Awards (similar medal, from my collection, with the sole exception of the Humanitarian Service Medal) :

1 Humanitarian Service Medal

2 Fifth Smmit of the America's 2009

3 Trinidad & Tobago 50 th Anniversary of Indepence Medal

4 Efficiency Medal

I hope this help.



Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force Medal For Humanitarian Service Oversea's obverse small size.JPG

Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force Medal For Humanitarian Service Oversea's reverse small size.JPG

Trinidad & Tobago Fifth Summit of the Americas 2009 obverse.jpg

Trinidad & Tobago Fifth Summit of the Americas 2009 reverse.jpg

Trinidad & Tobago 50th Anniversary Independence Medal 2012 obverse.jpg

Trinidad & Tobago 50th Anniversary Independence Medal 2012 reverse.jpg

Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force Efficiency Medal obverse.jpg

Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force Efficiency Medal reverse.jpg

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I feel bound to comment on how poorly made and designed, the majority of these medals appear to be. This coupled by the somewhat haphazard way in which they are worn (by some, not all) does not, in my opinion, reflect well upon Trinidad and Tobago.


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Hello Gentlemen,

Hello Dave,

Yes on Trinidad & Tobago Medal, quality greatly vary. I have been to Port of Spain ounce, to met someone who is a bit involved in phaleristic, there. I have come back home with several medals, and also a lot more of photo. I can tell you, that I have seen a Defense Force Efficiency Medal in real heavy silver. By the way the same remark is relevant for some african countries medals. For exemple the first strikes of the Botswana Defense force Medal were of silver, the more recent one were of silver plated metal (not bad actually, but cheaper to mint). same for Zambia, same Senegal....no matter if ex british or ex french colonies.....and in many others countries of the world, even in Europe, awards that exist for sometilmes 150 years have seen their manufacturing quality decreasing in the modern time.

By the way, I agree with Dave, the way, most of the servicemen carries their medals, is a bit "chaotic", but again, they are not the onliest country in the world in the situation.

Regards to all.


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