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Guten morgan mein herr!

I recently had this four piece medal bar arrive, is the last medal  a Prussian 9 year service medal? If so, why would there be a Mecklenburg MVK II on the bar? Can anyone help me bitte!


4er #1.JPG


4er #8.JPG


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yes it is a prussian 9 year long service medal....no problem with the bar and no problem with the combination....it was not a guy from Mecklenburg , he just got a Mecklenburg award during the war (maybe fightig with a Mecklenburg unit for some time or a Mecklenburg leader visited his unit and brought some gifts.... )

the only thing that jumps in the eye is that the Mecklenburg ribbon is much more bleached out than the other ribbons but that happens sometimes because of different ribbon types or colours

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