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I think there are two kinds of These flags, most seem to simply be for reservist associations and may have the name of the town or village..."Jonestown kriegerverein"... and then those belonging to a certain regiments veterans association.

I think the leib Regiment was one of the regiments that actually selected men from various parts of Bayern, so unlike most regiments which were more regional, the Leib Regiment had members from various towns, cities and villages.

I assume the purely town associated flags "Smithville veterans association" may have a limited market as they are not related to a specific regiment, but the regimental ones, especially for an elite regiment like the Leib Regiment are more desireable. I dont know if every Branch of the Leib Regt Association had a flag, they were probably too expensive.

I think the Kaiserlautern Branch existed from 1904, in 1913 they bought their flag, and in the 2 decades that followed they probably had all the WW1 Leib Regiment Vets in the area marching behind it.

Kaiserlautern was bavarian up until 1918 if my googling serves me correctly. It was invaded by and has been occupied by Americans since 1945 ;-)

I guess there is not a lot of Militaria left in the Area as Generations of GIs and USAF must have picked it pretty clean...

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Nice flag.  Mount it on the pole and troop the colors down your road. I'm sure the neighbors would find it interesting. As for "pinnacle" it always seems to me that when I reach what I think of as the summit there is always another bit of high ground to cover.....


Now if you need some funds to defray the cost of that thingy you have a certain medal bar.......:D

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Some of these responses suggest a new thread: 'marital aids and sex toys of the Second Reich'.   I am aware of certain electric shock treatments for women's 'hysteria' but the concept of dildos and butt plugs for the High Command is intriguing!   Can you imagine a display of Bakelite, 'India rubber' or carved wooden 'toys' at the local militaria  show, all with alleged 'provenance'?

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    • Sounds great other than the Orange & Mango squash only because I prefer cran-pomegranate juice.
    • "(...) disgusting herbal concoction (...)" I took note of this description, to enrich my otherwise limited, English "Wortschatz"...
    • At work the standard indian tea such as PG tips is referred to as chimp tea. This goes back to the days when we had a Spanish girl working for us whose command of the English language was extremely limited. One lunch she said she was going to the shop could she get anything. I asked if she could get a pack of tea bags. She returned with some disgusting herbal concoction. I tried to explain what was required but without success. I then remembered PG tips had a picture of a chimpanzee on the packe
    • When I read Lapsang Souchong i decided to post something about these Tea . Many years ago I dont  know about Lapsang until I read James Michener book Centennial and the description of the savour of the Lapasang as a mix of tar and salt & smoked made me proof . It was exact ! and i liked it since then .
    • I have been known to drink Lapsang Souchong and Tea, Earl Grey, Hot... both "without pollutants". I normally have one mug of coffee in the morning, then spend the rest of the day drinking Orange & Mango squash (by the pint). Then evening comes and it's a pint, followed by red wine with dinner and sometimes a drop of Laphroaig afterwards.
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