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Medal of the Mexico Expedition

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There are many in better condition out there.  I would wait to a nicer one unless this one is cheap. 

I sold mine for some reason but have beefn thinking on getting another.  I'm more interested in the French in Africa and Asia.


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My 2 cents worth...  The lettering on both the obverse and reverse doesn't give me any warm and fuzzy, lot's of wear, some misalignments...  Also, I'm always very weary of a ball mount on these...  

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Me again...  Personally, I'd stay clear of it.  Every time I look at the pics again it screams copy...  Never purchase any 2nd Empire campaign medal with a ball mount!

Play safe, go for a model signed by BARRE, pay under $400.  A Mexico medal by any other engraver would be an incredible stroke of luck.  Don't look for a super detailed medal, they were kind of plain and rather flat.  If the medal seems to have a lot of depth to it, it's probably a fake.  Here's mine below.

Expedition du Mexique 1863.jpg

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17 hours ago, paul wood said:

The Barre pieces were the official issues, the ones by EF, Falot and Sacristan were privately manufactured pieces.


And they (EF, Falot and Sacristan) are unfortunately to most often copied...

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Per order of 16-03-1867 Emperor Napoleon III announced that the Medal for the Mexican Campaign  was also to be awarded to Belgian and Austrian soldiers: 5,913  to members of the Austrian Legion, and 1,222 to members of the Belgian Legion.

The Mexican Ordre de Notre-Dame de la Guadeupe (created in 1823) was conferred to many French, Austrian and Belgian officers who also qualified for the Medal for the Mexican Campaign.

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On 12/4/2015 at 02:45, Hendrik said:


I believe it's the "Order of Guadeloupe", a Mexican award created in the early 1820's.

Excellent, thanks!  I guess most officers were decorated by Maximilian?


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Indeed Bison you are absolutely right the Order of Nostra Senhora de Guadalupe was founded on February 18th 1822 during the brief empire of Augustin Iturbide. Orders from this period are of the highest rarity and are quite different from the later versions. The Order was re-established by Santa Anna in 1853, in 1863 the Order was re-established by Maximilian in July 1863, the design is similar to the Santa Anna type the only difference being that the eagles on the badge are crowned, such was that the robes for the Order of the St Anna type were still useable.. Following the execution of Maximilian in 1867  the Order became obsolete.



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On ‎03‎/‎12‎/‎2015 at 11:14, Odulf said:

In wear, a French Lt.Colonel and a Military Doctor

Lt-Col. 55e Regt. Ligne @.jpg


Great pics, sweet !

The Lieutenant-Colonel is Eugène-Isidore Pinet.

He went to Mexico as a Sergent in the 95e de Ligne, sailing on 23 August 1862.
He was promoted a Sous-Lieutenant in the Régiment Etranger on 5 April 1865.
He left Mexico in 1867, sailing back to Algeria, where he landed on 17 April.

(Much !) later, he joined 55e de Ligne as a Lieutenant-Colonel, on 11 October 1894.

Cheers !

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