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Early Napoleonic "Reproductions"

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A truly lovely thing!  Thanks for sharing.  I have seen the photos from the '50s and recall wondering about the unifroms - in great shape for the 40 year old souvenirs of a defeated army, I thought, but I know nothing of French uniforms and didn't pursue the thought.  Glad to see an expert such as yourself chime in on them. :)


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Here's another fascinating set! Sadly I don't think I will be able to add it to my collection but want to add it to this thread for reference.


It was worn by the cavalry of Württemberg for the 1906 centenary celebrations. It is marked just like any other German military uniform from that period. Some photos of these in wear are included.


According to the dealer, it includes original parts. I think the shako plate is original. I have seen an identical shako for sale in the US, but without the plate.


Photos remain (c) Militaria-Online. The uniform is currently on offer at: http://www.militaria-online.de/artikelnr_3230








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Here is an interesting photo. It is from an album containing a hundred photos of the Russian Army, compiled in France in 1892. It clearly shows a soldier in a uniform from the 1812 period.

The album is described in more detail at: http://riowang.blogspot.com/2012/06/russian-army.html

From The Russian Army 1892.jpg

Another Russian "1812" style uniform, identified as a turn-of-the-century copy, sold at auction in 2010.


The original listing is at: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/8015734_84-imperial-russian-horse-guard-uniform




Here is another great photo showing early copies of Napoleonic uniforms, this time "heritage" uniforms worn by members of a German cuirassier regiment. The uniform second from left is likely from the era of Frederick the Great, and the uniform on the far right is almost certainly the uniform of the regiment at the time the photo was taken, probably between 1890 and 1914.

I originally found it at: http://www.kuerassierregimenter.de/ausruestung.php?set=&id=1


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Interesting!  In 1967 Canada celebrated its centennial as a country and, among other events, held a series of military 'pageants', for which the government ordered quite a number of 'historical uniforms'.  They looked fine on parade but wouldn't fool a tailor or a soldier familiar with the original issue.

 I also have a friend who makes museum quality copies of 1812 era uniforms, some for Parks Canada and their historical sites, some for European museums and some for private collectors.  More than one of these has shown up for sale, tagged as 'original' although, again, most are not 100% accurate on the inside.


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Hello Gentlemen : Jan K Kube in his book Militaria ,Corvus 1987,edition ,says that in Germany during the Empire and until the First World War were manufactured many Centennial uniforms . for example in Bavaria in 1914 for the conmemoration of the 100 years of the First Schwere Reiter,Regiment .

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