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unknown arab medal

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Dear Henk-Willem

This is the medal of the Order of Mercy of the Red Crescent of the Yemen Arab Republic. This is also seen with the crescent filled in red - possibly a more modern issue - I think the award continued into the Republic of Yemen. I attach images and also of the badge of the order - although this is called the Order of Humanity.

Kind regards,


Red Crescent Medals Obv.jpg

Red Crescent Medals Rev.jpg

Yemen Red Crescent Order Obverse.jpg

Yemen Red Crescent Reverse.jpg

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  • Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) 1962-1990.
  • Peoples Republic of South Yemen (PRSY) 1967-1969.
  • People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) 1968-1990.
  • Republic of Yemen (RoY) 1990 to date.



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Can you help me while you are on Yemen can any one help me both the Yemen Wound Medals 

I think there 3 do you know what they look like

  1. Yemen Arab Republic:
    Wound Badge.
  2. People's Democratic Republic of Yemen:
    Order of War Wounded.
  3. Republic of Yemen:
    Wound Badge.
  4. Thanks
  5. Rod
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See below my notes on the YAR badge.





War Wounded Badge


Obverse                    A dark red (blood red) enameled/painted circle representing a bullet wound with a gilded rim surmounted by the gilded arms of the Yemen Arab Republic.


Reverse                     Blank


Size                           a) 25 mm x 28 mm - large eagle, small circle.

                                  b) 21 mm x 30 mm - small eagle, large circle.


Metal                         a) Brass.

                                  b) Base metal.


Ribbon                      Not applicable.


Suspension                a) A safety pin affixed to the rear of the eagle.

                                  b) A safety pin affixed to the rear of the circle.


Manufacturer            a) Overseas.

                                  b) Local.


Instituted                  Republican Resolution # 65, of 08/12/1402 corr. to 25/09/1982.


This badge was awarded to all those who were wounded during the Revolution which led to the formation of the Yemen Arab Republic. The badge has been subsequently awarded to all ranks wounded as a result of any civil or military operation. The official entitlement is to “those wounded in defence of the Revolution, the Republic and the independence of the nation.”

....and my notes on the PDRY award.




Order of War Wounded

Obverse                       A circular hollow wreath with a white enamel scroll at the base with the Arabic inscription,


“Order of War Wounded”


Across the wreath two crossed rifles and superimposed in the centre an enamel shield of the P.D.R.Y. colours.


Reverse                       Plain.


Size                             38mm diameter bronze–gilt of Hungarian manufacture.


Ribbon                                    30mm - green with a central 2mm blue stripe with 1mm borders. At either side 1mm white, 1mm red, 1mm white and 2mm black borders. The number of ribbon lengths supplied was noted as 3,000.


Suspension                  A triangular frame affixed by a link to a loop at the top of the wreath.



OMSA PDRY Order War Wounded Obv.jpg

OMSA PDRY Order War Wounded Rev.jpg

Finally it would appear the RoY, according to the law of 1991 concerning the awards of the RoY, carried over the PDRY Order into its system of awards.

Regards, Owain

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