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SAS stable belt - is it real?

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Hi all,

I've just rediscovered this stable belt I've had tucked away in the loft for quite a few years, I'm looking for opinions on it please. 

Does it look genuine? 

2016-01-05 11.34.16.jpg

2016-01-05 11.34.58.jpg

2016-01-05 11.33.32.jpg

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The Victor Buckle appears to be manufactured by Hobson & Son. of Aldershot, who do stable belts for many units.  Examples on the web for Paras and other units seem to match, so I'd guess this is a good one.  The finish on the reverse of the buckle is very crude, but that seems to be common to a number of the samples I saw, so I'd guess that's just the new standard. :(  

Here's a site with multiple examples if you want to compare yours to others. http://www.stablebelts.co.uk/mainpage.html


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