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AH signatures (Generals etc) + Verbundeten on Cigarette case

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Hi all, The case is made of Alpacasilber as it reads on the case itself.  The front has a group of signatures around the FJ "slogan" Viribus Unitis"

So far I have identified 4 of the signatures. They seem to be of the Military Leadership of the Eastern Front of the "Verbundeten".


  • Top left: Erzherzog Friedrich FM (Feldmarschall)

  • Bottom: Conrad von Hotzendorf Gen Oberst (to which he was promoted on june 23rd 1915 - and again promoted to General Feldmarschall on 23rd November 1916


  • Bottom left: Mackensen

  • Bottom right: Von Hindenburg

Any ideas for the other signatures?

And is alpaca not a cheap material compared to the importance of the signatures?




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Yes, Alpacca is cheap compared to the importance of the signatures.

Viribus unitis = with combined forces = Mit vereinten Kräften

Erinnerung = in memory


von Hindenburg

Erzherzog Carl GenLt = Erzherzog Karl Feldmarschall-Leutnant = a short time later Kaiser Karl

Conrad von Hötzendorf GenOberst (Generaloberst)

Erzherzog Friedrich FM (Feldmarschall)

But I have a problem with the signature top right.


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