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Things that make you go hmmmm....

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Right you are-I never actually looked on the back before-just read the the inscription (ball point pen) above the page-now obviously put there by a Yankee trader. And I suppose a smarter man might've actually noticed the epalettes. The rest of the photos are of IR 59 or 65 through 1939. Can you read the actual signature?

Still-nice set of photos:

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Aha. Oho. Indeed. For am I not the Good Twin?

That is TO his dear adjutant Leutnant (1.1.38 #349) Gruse of

Infanterie Regiment 59, Hildesheim,

signed by

(cheapo used an OLD pre-war photo circa October 1936-March 1938) <--- Naaah, I guess there IS an Oberstleutnant pip on there, so shiny it gets lost in the board braid

Walter Steinm?ller

born 17 June 1890 Behnkenhagen/Rostock, alive 1958 Aachen

One Year Volunteer in Fusilier Regiment 90 1912-13,

Leutnant der RESERVE in same seniority of 6.12.14

HHOX gazetted in MWB 19 May 1918

31.12.18 left army and joined Police

rejoined army 1.10.35 as a Major (here, seniority not shown in Keilig)

Oberstleutnant 1.4.38 #2 and CO Ist Btn/IR 59 in 1939 (Keilig has "II" since 1.2.38, but "1939" shows "I")

Oberst 1.4.41 #5

Generalmajor 1.10.44 #16

Generalleutnant "eigene Angabe" 1.4.45

Commander Inf Regt 32 30.1.-15.11.40

Feldzeugkommando IX 15.7.41-10.6.43

Commander Inf Regt 432 6.9.43

Commander Inf Rgt 531 10.10.43-25.4.44

Divisional Commanders Courses 1 May to 5 June (!) 1944

Commander 331 Inf Div 1.8.44

Commander 346 Inf Div 16.10-1.11.44

Commander "Infantry Division hamburg" 5.3.45

"lastly commander 70 Inf Div"

no higher WW2 awards

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A good administrator would have had the package prepared for the appropriate signatures and done a "Radar O'Reilly".

Perhaps he was someone who believed that he was doing what was required of him and that the baubles that we collectors chase were not of interest to him. It could happen.

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Actually, the cheap eccentric saved himself 12 whole Reichspfennigs by the use of one big gold eagle over the required two small eagles, going by S&L's January 1939 catalog prices!

That would have been about 3 cents, U.S., at that time. Oooooooooooooo.

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To add to the Herr Gentlemans service [from the site from whence I came] the info states 346 Inf.Div service for him from 16.10.44 to 1.2.45. At this time the unit was in Belgium and the Netherlands.

He was with Inf Div "Hamburg from 4.3.45 until some time in April.

He is also linked as Kdr 618 replacement Inf Div in May 1945, which Div. was destroyed in the Ruhr pocket.

Also from 1.5.44 to 5.6.44 he was in Hirschberg on Divisional Commanders Course 11 - just in case the photo owner [whom I assume posted the pic] is interested in his bio details.


Matt Gibbs

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