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Researching Order of Vasa Recipient

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I've recently discovered that one of my ancestors was awarded with the Swedish Royal Order of Vasa. This happened in the late XIX century, somewhere between 1894 and 1899 to be more precise. At that time he was judicial officer (captain 1st class or major) in the Army of Kingdom of Serbia. 

I know next to nothing about Swedish orders so I'd be very grateful if someone could help me regarding the following questions. Do complete lists of recipients exist and are they available to the public? Is it possible to do any kind of research based on the name of the recipient and other information I posted above? I presume lists of recipients were published in official gazette, do they exist in digital form and can I access them online?

One more thing, is it possible to say which grade would he receive and could someone show me an example of a late XIX century Order of Vasa? What should I look for in case I try to find a replacement order? 


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There are some lists online the ones nearest your timeframe are 1881, 1905 and 1915. Start looking here in the "foregin" section of the Wasa order 1905. It is sorted by last name. I have access to most of them if you can't find your ancestor. Those can NOT be found online.

Here you can find the knights cross, probably the same as he would have gotten. Knights orders of the order of Wasa are not hard to find, hold out for a nice example.



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Thank you very much for the prompt reply, I really appreciate your willingness to help.
I found my ancestor's name in the online list you were so kind to share with me, he was awarded even earlier than I thought.
I wonder for what reason was one lieutenant 1st class from the Kingdom of Serbia awarded with the Order of Wasa... Especially considering that just a few Serbs had the honor to receive a Swedish order.

If you ever need some help regarding Serbian or Yugoslav militaria, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.0.thumb.jpg.ff74210cbaed923d9fc850247fcf

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No problem. I'm happy to help out in "my" field,

A Wasa knights cross for a lieutenant who's also a foreigner.... That's not bad. Maybe he was part of a state visit and did favours to the court. The problem with knights orders is that they don't have a citation. The knights are deemed worthy and accepted as knights by the king, no motivation.


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That idea did cross my mind, I thought he might have received the order as a part of some delegation. But then again I checked the list for other Serbian recipients and no one else was awarded at that time. Yesterday I sent a message through contact page on Swedish Royal Court website. I received the following answer: "The Serbian Lieutenant Velislav Milovanovic was awarded the Knights badge of the Royal Order of Vasa, 1 class, in 1888. Regrettably we don´t have any information about the background for decorating him."
Unfortunately it seems that this will remain a mystery.
Anyway thank you for all your help.

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