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WW1 - Italian Machine Gunner

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Recently I added this photo to my collection, in which Italy is under-representated.

Obviously it is a Machine Gunner, but what about his shoulder boards?

Can any of the gentlemen give more details to this photo?




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The writing is easy:

Affettuosi saluti

Ecco i monti dove passo

i bei giorni della gioventu'?

(Loving greetings

Here are the mountains where i spend

the beautiful days of the youth)

The question mark at the end could be a bitter humor remark.


About the shoulders: I asked for help


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Here is the comment to your picture given thru the "Miles" forum by the user "Epocadellamemoria":

Bella foto. Suppungo sia già evidente che si tratta di un sergente dei mitraglieri (probabilmente St.Etienne). Posso solo aggiungere che la 2150^ Cmp Mitragliatrici fu istituita ne gennaio '18 alle dipendenze della 53^ Div. (2° C.A.) per poi operare da marzo con la 66 Div. del 27° C.A. in zona Grappa - Piave, dove si trova da giugno praticamente fino alla fine della guerra. Sarebbe interessante sapere la data della foto. Dalla vegetazione potrebbe essere primavera.

(Nice picture. I presume it's clear he was a m.g.sergeant, probably StEtienne [Italy had two m.guns: St.Etienne and FIAT, using two different collar tabs; both had three white stripes, one over blue background, the other red]. I can only add that the 2150th mg company  was created in january 1918 under the 53rd division (second corp), then under 66th div (27th corp) since march it was in the Grappa and Piave area, up to the end of the war. It could be interesting to know the date of the picture, probably it was in spring)

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Thanks again Claudio!

The number tab on the shoulder board is 2580 CM

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