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Some pics to ID (German Officers... )

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As some of you know, i am collecting pics with recipients of the Iron Cross 1914 on

combatant and non combatant ribbon. In the last weeks i could get some new stuff.

If you are looking around you can find good pics and sometimes for less money.

Now i need some input of Glenn, Andy and DD.

Are the following persons to ID? 


Pic 1 : datiert 20.7.1931 ... Rittmeister im 18. Reiterregiment the pic was made in Mettingen. I think the guy

was stationed in Stuttgart or Esslingen. He wears the ribbon bar with IC, Hausorden Hohenzollern mit X, Hohenzollern Ehrenkreuz mit X, and i think the last to positions are saxony

Pic 2: S.B. IR 362 1915 to an women Auguste Welter, i think it was his wife, so his name should be captain Welter - he has both IC and the hamburg/lübeck hanseatic crosses?

Pic 3: ...

Pic 4 : Bavarian General?? Tautphoeus? I cannot read his name on the backside

Pic 5: One of my favourites with Clasp to the IC 1870 on combatant ribbon. Taken in 1918 in Poland, His name should be von Dembinska? Rittmeister Ulan Veteran 1870/71 on his bar:

IC 1914 with clasp, 25 DA cross, Centenar and Kriegsdenkmünze 1870 für Kämpfer

Pic 6: Delegierter der Kriegslazarette Franz von Obendorff? What is he? A major or is that the uniform of a official?

Pic 7: Stabsarzt Dr. Neter, Dr.  Eugen Neter was a famous jewish doctor - later some of his relatives died in the KL.  - did he get more decorations than the IC?

Pic 8: Kommandeur Oberst Koch ? I cannot read his name  - Ldw. Inf. Rgt 40 on the neck the Zähringer Löwen

Pic 9: A wuerttemberg military official? I think so.... No name, do you have some ideas?

Pic 10: Stab RIR 91 Koblenz - who is that guy in front of the group? Is it the commandeur? What was his name?


Thanks for help!













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Well, here is a start:

Pic 4. Generalleutnant Ludwig Freiherr von Tautphoeus (1860-1933)

Pic 5. Rittmeister der Landwehr a.D. Vincent v. Dembinski. On the staff of 101. Infanterie-Division 1916.



Pic 8: Oberst z.D. (Generalmajor a.D.) Maximilian Koch of LIR 40. BZ2bX at the throat.



Koch Max.JPG

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Thanks. His name was Josef (Joseph)... unfortunately no Nachname of the official.

Here`s another:

Backside: Hofrat Dr. Hohe, Major Dillingen 26.3.1915 Is he a doc? Are there more infos?




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Dr. Adolf Hohe,

originally a professional Bavarian army officer who retired as a major in 2, Infanterie-Regiment in 1891. Although qualified as a civilian medical doctor, he served in WW1 as the commander of the prisoner of war camp at Dillingen. Won his EK2 as an Oberlieutenant and adjutant of the 8. Infanterie-Brigade.




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Holy s.... - Glenn, that`s great !

Thanks.  - I have made a lot of research about the Württemberg GMMM.

The M 707 - 710 is top.  In Württemberg we are always faster, than the other states :D

The Datenschutzfristen (there are very strict laws)  have ended in 110 years after the birth of the persons.

We had luck, in 1944 as the allied bombing moved to Stuttgart, all of the data survived in a castle in Hohenlohe.

Here are 2 more pics i can`t ID.

The first one was written by a Regimentskommandeur - i cannot read his signature.

The seconde one seems to be a Reuss NCO; he wears the rare Reuss Kriegsehrenkreuz.

On the Back.... 1917.... Konrad.





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  • 5 years later...

Hello Glenn!

I´ve got a question about Koch.

In the Ehrenrangliste he is listed as reactivated Generalmajor a.D.


What about v. Rath? He was Oberst and the first commander of that regiment.

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Morning Andreas,


I understand Oberst Koch was granted the Charakter of a Generalmajor in 1916.


That was Oberst Leopold Richard von Rath, in 1914 the second-in-command of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 111. Promoted to  Generalmajor (18.4.18 F). Commander of 77. Infanterie-Brigade,






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Hi Glenn!

Thanks a lot! And who do we see in the photo? Koch or Rath?

I don´t understand the Ehrenrangliste. If he was promoted to GM in 1916, he should have been listed in "Wiederverwendete Offiziere Oberst a.D", shouldn´t he?

v. Rath became Oberst January 27, 1915

Koch became GM a.D. in 1916. So the photo musthave been taken just before he received that rank, because it´s "1914-1916"

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