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Questions on DPM 68 and smocks

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Have a few questions on DPM 68 and smocks. Really appreciate any assistance anyone can provide.

Did DPM 68 smocks come with a hood? The reason I'm asking is because most DPM 68 smocks appear to have no hood but I've read somewhere of some being fitted with a detachable hood.

I've seen detachable DPM hoods being sold. What smocks had detachable hoods? Not sure about the Para smock but the Arctic smock had an integral wired hood.

Apart from the Royal Marines and Para Regiment; were any other units issued the Arctic and Para smock?

Were Arctic and Para smocks, as used in the Falklands, produced in 68 Pattern or was in some other pattern?

Were ''SAS smocks'' actually standard issue to the SAS?

Thank you.

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Unless I'm mistaken; ''smock'' and ''jacket'' [in this context] are the same.

I've just received a DPM 68 smock that has no buttons to accept a hood.

On the Arctic smock, the wired hood is integral to the smock. Not sure about the Para and SAS smocks though.

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That is interesting and good to know my memory isn't as bad as I thought. I remember the buttons on the collar of the jacket I used to have sometimes getting caught. Wish I hadn't thrown it away.

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I've just had a look at an Arctic smock I've had since the 1990's. It has an FFD pocket on the right sleeve and a pencil pocket on the left; as well as a rank tab to the back but strangely the label has no MOD contractor markings. There is a possibility that the lack of MOD contractor markings indicates this smock was made for export but were Arctic smocks ever exported?

Tony, my mistake. I had a close look at my 68 smock again and yes; it has a single button to the rear for a hood.

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I may get my wrist slapped for this - as has happened before! - but I'm going to recommend another forum for answers to your question, as I don't have the impression that too many of our members here are kit collectors as opposed to medals, for example.

The Wehrmanch Awards Forum has, despite its name, some very good sub-forums and Allied and other nations kit.  there are a large group there of chaps who collect Airbourne and SAS kit and who will likely, based on things I've seen them post in response to similar questions, have the answers you need.  Good luck!


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