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NETHERLANDS; Late 18th Century badge.

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Hello everyone,

This large badge, possibly silver and gilt silver, is a mystery to me. I rather suspect it has Something to do with a local militia town guard.

Thank you for your help.


REPUB BATAVE  Garde civique av.jpg

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Dear Veteran,

On the shild is marked see here the translation

"The consil of the administration and discipline of the 2nd Battalion of the 6 1/2 Brigade of the Batavian Armed home garde Department Delft in Den Hague"

Beste regards,




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Dear Guy

Thank you for your prompt reply and translation of the inscription on the badge.

This brings up a few questions :

1. Is this a badge of office or rank ?

2. Does it belong to one of the regular battalions of the Batavian Army or to a town-guard ?

3. Where could I possibly find further information about this specific badge and/or documentation on the specific unit it belonged to ?

I believe it was meant to be worn on some kind of leather strap.

Thank you again for your kind help.



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