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No 14 Squadron.

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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone out there has any information regarding no 14 Sqd. its service, personnel or any Photographs. and if so would you allow me to have copies.This is to help with my research into Flt sgt Andrew Edwin Chaplin DFM,who flew with 14 sqd during 1941-43.but after this date my efforts to research him have gone no further.

If anyone can help i would be very greatfull and would be only too willing to pay for any copy work done on my behalf.



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Formed in 1915. Moved out to Palestine Inter War yrs. By the start of World War II No. 14 squadron was flying Wellesley bombers. With the expected advance of Axis forces through Africa, the Squadron began bombing targets in Eritrea in June 1940 before re-equipping with Blenheims and a flight of Gladiators by the end of that year. These were used until the summer of 1942 when Marauders were taken on strength and used in the anti-shipping role.

During mid-1944, the Squadron moved to Chivenor and flew Wellingtons in the anti-submarine role. This continued until June 1945, when the Squadron moved to Banff in Scotland and traded its Wellingtons for Mosquitos.

They had Battle Honours for the Med 1941-43, Egypt and Libya 191-42 and Sicily 1943.

Hope this gives you an idea where they were.

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Found the following London Gazette entries for him:

Supplement to the LG 29 Sep 1942: To be Pilot Officer on probation (emergency) 28 May 1942; Temporary Warrant Officer 581272 Andrew Edwin CHAPLIN, D.F.M. (49571).

Supplement to LG 12 Jan 1943: To be Flying Officer (war substantive) 28 Nov 1942; A.E. CHAPLIN, D.F.M. (49571).

Supplement to LG 16 Jun 1944: To be Flight Lieutenant (war substantive) 28 May 1944; A.E. CHAPLIN, D.F.M. (49571).

Supplement to LG 30 Dec 1947: To be extended service as Flying Officer (four years on the active list) 18 Dec 1945 (seniority 28 May 1943); Andrew Edwin CHAPLIN, D.F.M. (49571)

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Hi Matt

many thanks for your reply and so sorry it as taken me so long to reply, i have been out of action due to ill health for a while but i am well on the mend now.the information you have provided certainly will help in my research into Flt Sgt A.E.Chaplin DFM.

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf and if i can be of any help to you please let me know.



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Hi David,

Glad to assist. I suggest you post this query at the RAF COMMANDS forum:


Probably the best source of info for RAF/Commonwealth airforces personnel on the web. I suggest you include the LG info I provided in my previous post to prevent members there from "hoeing the same ground".

You may also wish to enquire if anyone on forum has copies of the 14 Sqn ORBs, as they should provide a record of his comings and goings while on that Sqn.

Cheers, Ken

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