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Different Types of Order of Labor III

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"That doesn't look like a trace of golden color or anything left over after gilding, silver plate layer is on top."

     It means that the badge consists of two parts/metals?: the central part of white metal, while the rest  of yellow. But it isn't logical(for this order) and there are no traces of fastening of these parts. After all it is necessary to see an order carefully alive. Or I did not understand something ?

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The order looked like that to me, that's why I ended first post about it with question "How is this possible?"
The first thing that was confusing me is the fact that there was a lot of dirt on the order and after I thoroughly cleaned it those yellowish parts appeared, so they could not be that easily removed. I have no idea what could that be, they were covering too much of order to be a factory flaw, I doubt that someone painted the order and that can't be patina, but who knows I was wrong once, maybe I'm wrong again.
Second thing, when you look at that last photo I've posted it looks like silver plate is on yellowish base not the other way around.
Anyway this was bothering me so much that I tried cleaning it again but nothing happened. After that I tried mechanically removing it and it finally came off. I hate doing any kind of interventions but like you said it just wasn't logical so I had to know. In the end one thing is certain, the order is made out of some white metal, it remains to be seen if it's silver. 

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I've seen orders like that before, there's a couple of them in Sammler's base, but I really don't know what's the deal there.
Considering that that's a needle variant I think it's safe to conclude it can't be some kind of prototype, unadopted solution or something like that. Factory mistake?
Here's one more, it seems like only the central part is gilded. It got sold some time ago, I still regret not buying it.

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I think this is the best thread for an Order of Labor 1st Class.  Even though it's titled 3rd class I see some 2c as well so.  Here's a tease.  Just received this less than 2 hours ago and I have to share.

More details coming soon.

edit: Another thread with some 1st Class images: 

This current thread is much more recent so I think I will continue posting here unless someone objects.



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So here are some more, detailed images of this beautiful Order.  Starting with the box. It has a vertical slit in it to accommodate the pin-back, not the original double screwpost that I think this order originally was (more on that later.)




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Now to the Order itself.  It's got a massive chip, obviously, in the enamel of the flag on the obverse.  It looks worse in person but I like "salty" so I'll live with it.  My scale is on the fritz again but I've seen 60+ grams for this order.

Serial numbered and hallmarked for content.  I believe this single square hallmark denotes 950 silver content?

I believe the original, T1V1 version of this Order had two screwposts, at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, as attachments to the uniform.  This has been modified to a pin-back attachment, I assume by ZIN despite it's almost home-made look.





And finally two, poor quality side images.  My guess is that this is a three part design with the center medallion, of just the two heads, either soldered or riveted to the circular white enameled piece, which is then riveted to the wreath/enameled red flag base.


Having trouble uploading these last two images.  Will try again tomorrow.

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8 hours ago, Eric Gaumann said:

What is the weird little finger of the hand holding the flower on these Orders?

Every time I see an image of these awards my eyes go to that finger.  So weird.  IMHO

I don't know if that finger is supposed to point out the femininity of the hand but it does look rather strange.

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I just got this Order today.  Fills in my Labor Order list although I still need a Labor Medal (if anyone has a lead on that common medal please let me know.

Anyway...  This came with a box and it's award document so I'm very happy.  The images were taken at night under electric light so they're not that good.  I'll do daylight images if anybody cares.


Here we go.  Starting with the box.



in box.jpg

And here is the doc, and the award itself.  The document is dated 1976, and the pin is marked 'ZIN'.


obv bright.jpg

Two more images; one of the obverse and one of the reverse.


obv less bright.jpg

rev night.jpg

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