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Deciphering a clothing label

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Greetings Gentleman,

I picked up something (will post once its in hand) and the clothing label has me a bit stumped...I see evidence of a P.B.9 as well, but cant be certain until I can inspect up close.   Disclaimer,  I ve got a lot of learning to do regarding ranks and structure of Germany's wartime army, forgive my ignorance in advance!

Br. Kol. 2. (Pr.) Pion. Batt.   If Im not mistaken, this is: Brucken Kolonie 2, Prussian, Pionier Battalion... bridge engineer? 

Also, what is an Oberpionier?  

I came across a WW2 abbreviations document which says this is a sapper, but I haven't seen anything from WW1 with this rank.  Any clarity on this is greatly appreciated.  



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This looks like a label from one of the items that came out of a costume shop in Germany last year. Many of the items had been reissued postwar, but were originally connected to the Pionier Batl.Nr.2. The caps I saw were Einheitsmützen and had many stamps on them, both wartime and postwar.


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You are talking about WWII ranks. I don't believe the rank "Oberpionier" existed until after WWI. The Etikette is probably from the Reichswehr period. If anyone thinks this is incorrect, please add your information.


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So far, the references I've seen to it are WW2 sources, it did cross my mind that maybe the label was Reichswehr.  Just making an assumption the label was WW1 era.

Nice catch Chip!   Once in hand I'll post pics. 

Chris - was your einheitsmutze missing the the cockades?  Seems to be a common attribute with these things. 

Thanks for all the input everyone, I appreciate it greatly!


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