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Here’s a pair of pretty much complete Robra, DRPa marked gasmask glasses and tin (stamped Schumacher Crefeld) including spare straps and needle and cotton to sew them on.

I don’t know where or when I bought them but wouldn’t mind some help regarding the man named inside the lid. It looks like Wilhelm Janssen or Janßen from Krefeld, his street(?) and house number but I've no idea about 2/118.

Is 2/118 his unit perhaps?

After checking the Verlustlisten I’ve found a couple of names that fit but to different units:

1 - 13/7/15 Wilhelm Janssen III, Krefeld, 2/7 Jaeger died of wounds

2 - 16/8/16 Wilhelm Janssen I, Krefeld, 2/7 Jaeger killed

3 - 19/9/16 Wilhelm Janßen, Krefeld, 1 Garde Regt. zu Fuss, slightly wounded

Any ideas about 2/118 inside the lid and the name of the street?

Could they be Reichswehr rather than Imperial?


WP_20160729_07_36_49_Pro [151350].jpg

WP_20160729_07_37_53_Pro [151351].jpg

WP_20160729_07_39_42_Pro [151354].jpg

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Nice one Jens!

I imagine he must have been a later entry into the war as I can't find him in the casualty lists and the contents of his tin are as new.

Is there any way of researching him online?

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I dug these out again the other day and am just wondering if any other online research possibilities have become available over the past couple of years. 

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Andy, thanks for taking the time to check. 

Do you think there's any chance of this being the same man? Not that anything can be proven.

I've just been looking at the German Adressbueche and the family name seems to crop up mainly on the North Sea coast area and Ruhr/Rheinland.

Anyway, WWI gas mask glasses don't crop up often, so a nice and possibly rare item to have especially as the tin is named.

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