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New Book - German Military Travel Papers Of The Second World War

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As this relates to paperwork I thought I'd post this here rather than down in the Book Section. This book seems to of been released with very little fan-fair but it looks like being a very interesting book to have. German Military Travel Papers Of The Second World War by Matt DiPalma is a big book (published by Schiffer - ISBN: 9780764350863) of 280 pages and covers the various aspects of the process and paperwork required by the German Serviceman when taking leave and/or traveling. The pages are of good quality and photos appear on pretty much every page showing various examples of all the different pieces of paperwork that the German serviceman required including leave request forms, the Reiseverordnung which held the regulations that governed travelling, various types of Urlaubschein & Sonderausweis, ration cards issued for those travelling, leave passes ranging from those for just a few hours leave to home leave for a number of days and postcards to name just a few.

Quite often paperwork sets come with those little extra pieces of paper that gets ignored or passed over as so little is known about them but now they can take on a new lease of life within our collections thanks to this book.
This is one of those books that appeals to those who not only collect paperwork but also have an interest in the daily life & routines of members of the Wehrmacht.



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