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Bronze Medal of the Order of King Zvonimir's Crown with Coat of Arms


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Hello everyone!

I was hoping someone could tell me the significance of the small Croatian Coat of Arms attached to the ribbon of the Bronze Medal of the Order of King Zvonimir's Crown?  It is only listed as being on the bronze medal in Borna Barac's book, and not for the silver or iron grades.

Thank you!




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Hello Jason

Welcome to the Croatian ww2 collecting spree, hope you'll enjoy it as I had!! I used to have majority of the NDH collectibles!! I saw that you have a new acquisitions, and I congratulate you on those...

About a "checker" on the ribbon of king Zvonimir medal it is as Paul has said a personal idea of feng-shui :)

Some of the recipients taught that the medal will be "nicer" by adding something more on them, and maybe this guy didn't want to wear the miniature ribbon of War commemorative sign, so he joined those two together! I suspect that the little coat of arms is from the miniature of War commemorative sign, or maybe the sign itself(I'm not sure about the size of your medal coat of arms)

Here are some pics of all of the mentioned.

Hope it helps and keep up with a good work!!


Best regards




war commemorative sign.jpg

war commemorative ribbon bar.jpg


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