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Possible to ID Norwegian recipient of Dutch Order of House of Orange?


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I have this miniature group. It is rumored it belonged to the Norwegian ambassador to The Netherlands. I'm trying to find his name, but so far there are too many possible names. However, I guess being awarded the grand cross of both order of Orange Nassau and House of Orange is quite uncommon. I hardly ever see the grand cross of the Order of the House of Orange anywhere. 

So is there any Dutch members here with a list of Norwegian recipients of the grand cross of the Order of the House of Orange? If we find a handful of names, I can cross check it with awards of the commander grade of Order of. St. Olav, and we should have a winner. 

Thanks in advance for any answers.


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Hi Kvart,

According to C. P, Mulder's "Dutch Awards Conferred on Scandinavians (1892-1995)" there are 3 Norwegians with both Dutch Grand Crosses:

- Arne Vincent Bommen, chief civilian cabinet of H. M.
- Lars Jacob Hvinden Jorstad, envoy
- O. J. L. Kildal, ambassador


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Thank you Michael for you help here. Another friend at this forum told me that from 1905 to 1969 only eight Norwegians were awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Orange. Only two of them were ambassadors.

Lars Jacob Hvinden Jorstad, born 1894, Grand Cross May 1953

O.J.L. Kildal, Grand Cross 01.09.1964

So now I can look up the names in a book listing all Norwegians awarded the Order of St. Olav prior to 1947. It was common that Norwegian ambassadors were made knight 1st class after their first posting or so, and later promoted to commander after one or more postings abroad.

Arne V. Bommen is listed awarded St. Olav knight 1st class (officer) in 1945. He was also awarded king Haakon VII's jubilee medal in 1930, but it is not in my group. Also he was no ambassador. So I doubt it is him.

Otto J. L. Kildal was made knight 1st class of St. Olav in 1938 for service in China. By 1947 he was also a officer of the Finnish Order of the White Rose. My miniature group shows officer, so far so good. But prior to 1947 he was also made officer of the Belgian Order of Leopold. If my group came from him, it must have been mounted after 1964. But why no order that was awarded before 1947? I guess this is not the guy. 

That leaves just Lars J. H. Jorstad. Knight 1st class of St. Olav 1946. Was a clerck at the international court in Haag from 1931 to 1940. By 1947 he was also officer of Polish Polonia Restituta. My group shows only knight, but the full size order that came with it, was officer. He was by 1947 also knight of the Finnish Order of the White Rose. No full size Finnish order in the lot, and the miniature group shows officer. Maybe he was promoted later or my book from 1947 is not that accurate. But he is the one that fits the best.

So I assume this group came from Jorstad.

Thank you so much for your help.

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