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Can anyone help with the following? Does anyone know if the Kriegsstammrollen of the following units are still in existence?

If so, can they be viewed online or any other way?

·         R.I.R. 233

·         R.I.R. 234

·         R.I.R. 235

·         R.I.R. 236

·         R.I.R. 237

·         R.I.R. 238

·         R.I.R. 239

·         R.I.R. 240

Thanks in advance

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All Kriegsstammrollen of the Prussian troops and the Kontingent-Truppen should have been destroyed shortly before the end of the WW2 in an air raid on Potsdam  on 14th April 1945. Some material was removed before the raid, but, to my knowledge, not the Kriegsstammrollen.

For Saxon units you should have a look a the state archiv in Leipzig. Some stuff is still there, but lots was lost, in the famous air raid in February 1945. But there ought to be some Stammrollen in the Staatsarchiv Leipzig.

The Bavarian Kriegsstammrollen are still all there and can be accessed thru Ancestry.

The Württemberger Kriegsstammrollen are still accessible.



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