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Chris Boonzaier

Stolen EK doc and cross

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My main intention is to get the name out there incase someone gets it and googles the name....

Stupidly I never took registered, but the postoffice seldom looses stuff inside of Germany....

I should have seen that in 11 ebay sales there were already 2 unhappy customers.... so I tend to think the problem is with the sender....


this is the item, apparently "Lost in the mail"



Oblt Wilhelm Gollwitzer

Bayer reserve infanterie regiment 13

Born 18 Januar 1887 in stolen.jpg

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But if he only offered free post isn't it down to him to refund you? Besides, ebay is usually on the side of the buyer even if he did ask if you wanted it sent insured, however it might work differently with bank transfers. A 50 euro lesson :(

I've had 3 items go missing in Germany, 1 in the UK and 1 in the US this year.

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He/She/it sent me a seperate mail saying I could pay for registered, by then i had paid,

It set off a slight alarm bell, but I figured... what can go wrong....

2 weeks later, I asked "have you mailed..." They said "Yes, but you did not pay registered...."

Then they said the postoffice was researching.... (A non registered letter??? What a load of bollox!)

Then I saw, they had 11 transactions as a seller, already one other thing lost, and one complaint about broken items/bad descriptions....

So money down the toilet.....

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18 hours ago, Tony said:

Besides, ebay is usually on the side of the buyer

That's not been my experience and I both buy and sell on eBay Germany. I have had a number of disputes and it's my experience that eBay Germany favors certain sellers over others and overall rarely helps buyers. I have complained to the parent company in the US a number of times, about the nefarious practices of eBay Germany. But, they claim they have little to no authority over subsidiary branches of the company.

IMO, eBay Germany is disreputable and it is very much "buyer beware" (and sometimes seller beware, as well) when dealing with them.

I'm sorry Chris that you've been put through this. It's bad enough being ripped off by a seller. But, when the company doesn't really provide any recourse, it's particularly hard to take.

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The infuriating side (not related to this) is the difference between how buyers and sellers are treated....

I bought a Telescope some years ago.... the seller was not happy with the price and refused to sell.... I complained to ebay, they said "its his item, he can decide, my only recourse would be to go to small claims court." On the ebay side, the only sanction would be my negative comment. However, if I bought an item, then decided I did not want it and did not pay, then I would get an official Ebay warning.

I left a negative comment.... but this was erased by ebay.

Having said that, I have had many, many, many good transactions..... 1% have been bad.....

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