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Hello Gents

I have acquired yet another mysterious st Sava order, and I want to show it with you and maybe we can together determine its origin!!

IMHO, I think it could be an early Huguenin le Lockle piece, and I mean the earliest type possible, maybe the first or trial type???

Now to elaborate my thoughts: First thing that meets the eye is the suspension under the crown, which I have never met nor seen, and it is not tailored, it is made in the same

manor as the wings of the eagle, very crudely made. It was not tailored instead of usual "tree" shaped suspension, cause there are no traces of removal of the "tree" suspension...

The saint looks mostly like early Huguenin, but maybe even Pires, those two has similar saints. Third thing about this order which is different than any other are the numbers, they

are very thick and crudely made. They are over 1 mm thick, compared to other Savas numbers 0,3-0,5 mm, makes a difference....

So, Paul, Rogi, Paja and other gentleman, please help with your advice, maybe 8,10,20 eyes have seen more than the two of mine :)


p.s. I'm posting the saint pictures of early Huguenin and Pires to compare it wit, but they are pretty small, so if someone has a better pictures please share....


Best regards


Alpha D.

sava unknown.jpg

sava unknown1.jpg

sava unknown2.jpg

sava unknown3.jpg

sava unknown4.jpg

sava unknown5.jpg

sava unknown6.jpg

sava unknown7.jpg

sava unknown8.jpg

sava unknown9.jpg

sava unknown10.jpg



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Hello Obi

Sorry for the late reply but I was away on business. Thank you for the pictures, your st Sava is a beauty!! I have never seen one like yours before...

Now for the similarities with mine, unfortunately there is none :)

Your piece is masterfully crafted, mine is crude, your has narrow, wings down eagles, mine wide German like, your suspension is normal for st Savas, mine is weird, your numbers are flat, mine deep, your letters are extremely big, mine small, and the saint looks different....... so I don't think it's the same producer!

How do you know yours is Belgian made? Any hallmarks???


Best regards



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Hello Igor

I hate to be a bearer of ill news but your piece is not mysterious:(, but I allways loved Russian humor:beer:

You there have a fine example of 3rd type1921-1941 neck badge made by Huguenin of Switzerland. 

Do you collect st Savas? I find them one of the most beautiful and most various orders in the world. Do you have some insight about mine and Obi st Savas?

Best regards


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Been a bit busy with life so please excuse my delay, I believe these pieces that you both (Alpha and Obi) own are French or Swiss. The reason is fairly simple, the piece we are refering to as Belgian from Car and Muhic, the Pires is not Pires. From talking to a couple friends here that collect Belgium orders/medals, is that Pires never made Serbian orders/medals so this could have been sold by him or the box was added later for the book's version. On top of this the same icon St. Sava as from the book, I'm fortunate to own two a 5th (sold by Alpha :) thank you again my friend) and a 4th class. I did a thread on them here, the 4th class has a clear French punch mark, so we can safley assume these types of St. Sava's are French. For both your pieces I would likley assume them being eiher French or Swiss. Hopefully we can obtain ones like yours with punch marks, hallmarks or similar to say for certain.


Edited by Rogi
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Hello Rogi my friend, nice to hear from you again!!:cheers:

Great job you did dismissing the Belgian manufacturer!! As you said all we have to do is to obtain a hallmark or a stamp of the producer... French or Swiss maker?? What do you think of mine? Early Huguenin or French made like two of yours golden painted?? Any insight will do...

Lars, thank you for the photo and a sharp eye!! The saint on the breast star is the same as is on my medal! Do you have a photo of the reverse of the star, there is maybe a stamp of the producer and a solution for our quest???


Nice work Gents


B.r.  A.D.

Edited by Alpha Draconis
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Hello Lars

It's a shame that we couldn't see the back of the star, but thanks anyway to show us there is a higher grade of st Sava of this unknown producer.

If anyone has a similar medal, please post it here for comparation!

p.s. Lars, do you still collect miniatures?

Joseph A.D.

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