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Red Banner for armored boat captain of Baltic Fleet

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Hello! And Merry Christmass!

Please, meet Captain Rabinovich Shmul-Izek Semenovich (b.1920). In service since 1938, when after graduating school he entered the Black Sea Higher Naval order of the Red Star Nakhimov School (ЧВВМУ). Graduated 15/Nov/1941. 

Here is the hero in the centre as the Captain of the target ship "Цель" (Target), 1953. The identity is not 100% confirmed though... just 95% confirmed. :)

ekipazh-V-246-Hessen copy.jpg

capitan 2 rank.jpgScreen Shot 2016-12-21 at 21.12.47.png

The Red Banner order awarded to Commander Rabinovich Sh.S. in November 1944.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 20.10.47.png

Note, that the order has been customised from medal-ribbon brooch to screw back.This was a common practice among naval personnel, pilots and tank troops. They found it to be more practical. 

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Citation for Red Banner order 150463 for Moonsund Landing Operation: 

  • Executed battle missions during transition from Koivisto islands-Tallinn-Kuressaare and later operations for capture of Saaremaa island. Battles with enemy ships 19, 21, 22 November. Had the role of navigator for the boat detachment and showed exceptional courage and boldness. 
  • In high mine threat conducted the armor boat detachment from Koivisto to Kuressaare. Was at all times on the bridge of the leading boat giving navigation directions to the detachment during the operation for liberation of Saaremaa and battles against enemy ships. This allowed for precise and accident free operations. Personally spotted and corrected the main caliber fire in suppressing one heavy artillery battery and two machine gun nests, which assaulted our boats and infantry. 
  • Skilfully planned and changed boats course during the battle maximising effectiveness of the fire, at the same time avoiding enemy fire.
  • In all operations presented examples of professionalism, naval skills and personal courage. Worthy of awarding order of "Red Banner".

Signed: Captain of the 5th ОМБК БШК БФ (Armored Coastal Boat brigade of the Baltic Fleet), Captain Lieutenant TUNGUSKOV, 22/XI-44.

Citation p1 BKZ 150463.jpgCitation p2 BKZ 150463.jpgCitation p3 BKZ 150463.jpg

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Commander Rabinovich Sh.S. served on the Armored motorboat MBK-513 (project 161, built June 1944). He later early in 1945 became the Captain of MBK-513 (was dismantled in November 1957). 

MBK-513 of the project 161 built in 1944 (20 constructed in total; 10 in 1943 and 10 in 1944 with some modifications):

  • Crew 39 men; length 37.5m; draught 1.3m; displacement 163 tons ; speed 13.1 knots; range 330 miles.
  • Weapon system: two 76mm cannons in T-34 turrets, one 37m automatic cannon, two 45mm semiautomatic cannons, two 12,7mm machine-guns.

47-132.jpgMBK prj 161.jpg

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Rabinovich Sh. S. carrier record:

  • Cadet 1938
  • Lieutenant, Nov 1941
  • Sr. Lieutenant , June 1942
  • Lieutenant-commander, 1942
  • Subcommander, Aug 1943
  • Commander, March 1951
  • Captain, Jan 1959
  • Discharged with honor Sept 1960. Lived in Sevastopol.

Rabinovich Sh. S. service record:

  • Cadet of Black Sea Higher Naval Nakhimov School / 1938
  • Commander of the detached mortar battalion of 80th Naval Rifle Brigade / Nov 1941
  • Cadet of Lieutenant courses of Karelian front / Dec 1942
  • 01/Oct/1943 sent to Baltic Fleet.
  • First mate, armour boat / 04 Oct 1943 
  • Armor boat "BK-513" (shipyard designation MBK-568), First mate and later the Captain / Oct 1944
  • Mine sweeper "Т-484", Captain / Aug 1946
  • Mine sweeper "Т-729", Captain / Apr 1948
  • Patrol boat "Berkut", Captain / Jan 1949.
  • Target ship radio control vessel "Vistrel" (former German "Blitz"), Captain / Nov 1950.
  • Target ship radio control vessel "UTs-6" (former German mine layer "T-17"), Captain / Apr 1951.
  • Target hip "Tsel'" (former German battleship "Hessen"), First mate; Simultaneously he is chief of staff of the radio controlled ships of Baltic Fleet/ Dec 1952. 
  • From Nov 1954 occupied several different positions in the naval schools of Baltic Fleet. 
  • Discharged with honor Sept 1960. Lived in Sevastopol.
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Note 2 distinct stages in the hero's service after graduation in Nov 1941. The first year he was serving in a Naval Rifle Brigade commanding mortar battalion Karelian front. Only later was he relocated to actual naval theatre of operations. 

Here is the map of positions of 80th Naval Rifle Brigade at Karelain front, 2 Aug 1942. Mortar unit marked.

00000009 copy.jpg


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Mine sweeper "Т-484", project 254.

mine sweeper prj 264 #484 v2.jpg

Mine sweeper "Т-729", project 255.

mine sweeper prj 255 #729 v1.jpgmine sweeper prj 255 #729 v2.jpg

Target ship radio control vessel "Vistrel" (former German radio control vessel "Blitz", before 1932 it was a mine layer). Here it is as a mine layer:

Gessen and Blitz 2.jpg

And here is the the "Blitz" seen against the target ship. Still German.

Hessen and Blitz.jpg

"Hessen" after after it was converted to target ship, after 1937.

Hessen ЦЕЛЬ.jpg 

SMS "Hessen" as German battleship. 



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Wow.  I cannot believe there are no comments on this amazing order and history!  This is what it is all about!  What a narrative!  I'd be proud to own that order.  

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Egorka, you set the standard for what I hope to achieve with my own research and I have to say Cazack, your own physical display and cataloging (the simple card, with white border and lettering) has really inspired me as well. Neither my collection nor skills yet even approach the work here....

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