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Group with Order of Glory II and III Degree

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17 hours ago, Ferdinand said:

Can we see the page with the name of the recipient? I must say I'm not wild about the entries.


  As Ferdinand notes, that piece of information is critical.

  That said, and in all likelihood, the recipient was assigned to the 1232nd Rifle Regiment, 370th Rifle Division, 69th Army at the time he was awarded his OGII in late March/early April 1945.



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44 minutes ago, cimbineus said:

Here are the pictures of the booklet.

csapasmero igazolvany borito.jpg

csapasmero igazolvany nev 1000.jpg


  Ferdinand's suspicions were correct.  While there was indeed an individual by that name, his only award was the Order of the Red Star approved via 1st Belorussian Front order No. 684/N dated June 30, 1945.  Born in 1902, he was a captain assigned to hospital for lightly wounded and sick soldiers with duties as a "propagandist."

  One can thus assume the other decorations were added to the booklet in an attempt to peddle it for a greater profit.



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