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Captain John Everard Gurdon and Major Georg Paul Neumann

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In 1920 Captain John Everard Gurdon translated Major George Paul Neumann’s book, The German Air Force In The Great War, into English.

I recently acquired quite a large collection of Gurdon’s papers, including letters and diaries written before, during and after WW1. It's clear that he lived in France and Germany at some point in the early years of the 20th century (he was in both countries long enough to become fluent in their respective languages), but I can find no record of where he was, or why. I can also find no correspondence relating to Neumann or the book translation contract. 

I realize that this is an extremely long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on this topic.

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Juat coming to this post, Fazakerley.  [BTW, I'm in Alliston].  I don't see any 'Gurdon' listed as serving with the Cdn forces in WWI, so assume he's a Brit.  Some of our members can give you better info. as to availibility of records.  I did get some info. on two cdns in the RFC/RAF recently, at a fairly minimal cost, for a book I'm doing, so a look at his service records should tell you at least a little on wher he served and so on.  

Sorry I have nothing more helpful.  Good luck with the hunt!

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