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Yugoslavia - Order of Merits for the People III

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5 hours ago, BalkanCollector said:

It's an early IKOM production. Very nice!

Yes, very nice indeed.  It's a "2.1.1" according to Paja's classification and the reason I initially assumed it had no number and hallmark (a "2.2") was because the certificate made no note of the serial number on it.

So, were they ignoring existing serial numbers on awards when issuing documents for said awards by 1962,  or are Gunner's items unrelated?  The later seems less likely since there are two docs issued to the same awardee as well as the box.

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The number didn't have any meaning for converted types as far as I know. I have a converted Order of Brotherhood and Unity 2nd class with a number but without a number on a document.

Gunner's documents are for the same order and as I said, the other one is an invitation for awarding ceremony.

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Greetings everyone,

It's been months since my last visit to the forum so it will take me a while until I go through everything posted since. That being said I'll try to shed some light on the decoration presented by Gunner 1. 

First of all, BalkanCollector already mentioned something interesting, as far as I know, they stopped writing down numbers on the certificates in 1960. I have to check this later but I believe I have several numbered decorations (most probably remade ones) awarded post-1960 without numbers on the certificates.

The main problem with the order in question is the fact it's a second type, i. e. post-1973 type, while the certificate itself is dated 1962. That leads me to believe someone paired up that particular order with a box and a certificate of another decoration. 

The only other option that comes to mind is a possibility of a replacement. Perhaps this lady was awarded with the first type which got lost some time later, post-1973, so they gave her a replacement piece (2nd type) upon her request. 

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Any chance to get explanation, why did ZIN actually manufactured type 1.1 (with wider screw nut) with such high serial numbers in the range 70k+?

It will apply that they have started both from the beginning and as well as from 70k?

I have one of those 1.1 but with such high SN...

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My theory - "follow the numbers". 

TYPE 1 (based on what I've seen so far):
-ZIN/ZNB wider screw nut, numbers ranging from (probably) 1 to ~20K
-IKOM wider screw nut, numbers ranging from ~20K to ~70K
-ZIN/ZNB wider screw nut, numbers ranging from ~70K to ~77K
-ZIN/ZNB narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~78K to ~82K
-IKOM narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~70K to ~192K (numbers overlapping with some of the ZIN/ZNB's wider screw nut orders)
-ZIN/ZNB narrower screw nut, numbers ranging from ~193K to ~200K

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