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Order of the Red Star, Baltic Fleet, 1944

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Please, meet Petty Officer I class Kulik Stepan Porfir'evich, gunlayer of the AA speedboat CK-418, 11 Patrol Boat Squadron of Waterway Area Defence. 

Born in 1919, he lived at least until 1985 when he was awarded OGPW2. Awards:

  • Medal "For Battle Merits" # 2552391 , 25.04.1944
  • Order of "Red Star" # 923968 , 05.12.1944
  • 10 commendations
  • Badge "Excellent gunner"
  • OGPW2 in 1985

58b1a073ce8d8_RS923968obverse.thumb.JPG.d82f4697e95becfe3f24942ecd0adf0f.JPG 58b1a0770a03e_RS923968reverse.thumb.JPG.d0d87cf90934722acd502890cfb07405.JPG Naval_Ensign_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg.png.238d57f09b98aca09fea6ffc2b385889.png

Armoured small submarine chaser «БМО», project 194. Main armament is 37mm automatic  cannon on the bow, one 45mm cannon and a pair of 12,7mm machine-guns, 10pcs of 120kg and 20kg depth charges.

CK-418 was 2nd of 66 total built boats of the project 194. It was set afloat 5.11.1942 and commenced service on 21.06.1943.


Kulik's Register Card showing earned awards:


Some photographs of the Small Sub Chasers project 194: 


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Here is the citation. This one is an examples when on the way through the approval channels the award was changing, either upgraded or downgraded. Sometimes quite dramatically. I have seen one downgrade from Order of Aleksander Nevsky to medal For Battle Merit. Though in that case the reason was obvious overestimation in original recommendation. :)

Well, here, in case of Kulik's award, the original recommendation was for the Order of Great Patriotic War I class on 29.10.1944. The next day, the first superior, the commander of Waterway Area Defence, approved OGPW1. At the next level the recommendation was downgraded to OGPW II class by vice-admiral Zukov (do not confuse with Georgy Zukov ;) ). But then the award decree #37 from 05.12.1944 has Kulik's name in the list of Red Star awardees. 

Text of the citation:

  • In the 1944 campaign combat missions he revealed himself as a steadfast warrior. During mine sweeping mission close to the enemy coast on 28-05-1944, the boats were attacked by 30 enemy planes (J-87 and Me-109). In this engagement the machine-gun crew lead by comrade Kulik repelled 4 attacks, forcing the enemy to disorderly drop the bombs in the water with no effect.   
  • On 05-06-1944 conducting similar operation the boats were again attacked  by enemy aircrafts. In this fight Kulik's crew shot down one J-87. 
  • In the landing operations Kulik's crew supported our infantry on the ground by accurate fire. His crew shot and destroyed 13 floating mines during the campaign.
  • For exhibited resolve, gallantry and effective command in the battle recommended for the order of Great Patriotic War I class.
  • signed by the Commander of 11 patrol boat squadron
  • Subcommander Prosyannikov
  • 29 October 1944 

citation RS 923968 part 1.jpg

citation RS 923968 part 2.jpg

citation RS 923968 part 3.jpg

decree RS 923968 part 1.jpg

decree RS 923968 part 2.jpg

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What a story.  I bet very little coffee was needed to stay awake on that ship during watches.

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