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Simply, it doesn't match to any originals. There is nothing "general" that doesn't match originals, but none of the details match originals.This same fake can be found with a fake Round 3 core aswell.

ID:ing fakes, Originals and manufacturers is a process that takes years to master.


One thing for beginners would be the overlapping pin, it's typhical this fake along its other details. I know my answer isn't really helpful and repeats itself, but it's true that you only must look at details of each original manufacturer individually (an dvariatiosn within them) and compare the unique details to other originals and you'll soon notice what distinguishes a original from that one other original, as a side effect you'll quickly notice fakes among other anomalities when you begin to learn.

This fake is usually called the Round 3 fake, as it is most often found with a fake Round 3 core, and this fake core. Do however remember there exists several original Round 3's aswell and a Round 3 on the core doesn't mean fake.

My answer is just a scratch on the surface.

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23 hours ago, Mr. Fischer said:

The overlapping pin is too long due to the atacment witch is rong making it to long it seem. 

Is it NOT possible that it left the maker like that? 



It's a very well knwon fake. Nothing else. The overlapping pin is just one typhical feature from this fake. This doesn't mean there would not exist any originals with long overlapping pins, there exist originals too with this feature. This cross isn't just original.

It does not match any known original, no original maker, no original maker, believe me, I've been collecting Iron Crosses for years.

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Mr Fischer,

thanks for sharing your cross with us. I'm sorry that it appears to be a copy. 

Unfortunately copies theses days, if you've not seen the specific example before can be quite convincing. When I was first collecting crosses as a teenager, they were generally very obvious. Poor metals, no details etc. 

They are sadly much more convincing these days. In this case, the fake has been identified and discussed but there are new fakes appearing all the time so it's only with the knowledge of identified genuine crosses that you can detect that something is worth avoiding. It is without doubt a minefield. 

I've done exactly what you've done as I sure most of us here have at some point so please don't be discouraged. This forum is a great way to learn and to obtain genuine pieces. There are also books in print now that can help identify crosses. 

I hope this experience hasn't put you off contributing here, you're in good company. If any long term collector can claim that they've never bought a dud they're with not telling the truth or are unaware that they've got a few in their collection.  I bought three crosses from a dodgy source back in the early 2000's and was distraught when I realised by posting them on line. 

Good luck with the next one!


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