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Hussar Uniform of KIng Ferdinand of Bulgaria

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Some of you are familiar of this spectacular photo of King Ferdinand wearing multiple awards. 


Now the same Hussar uniform he's photographed in is for sale. This truly special, one of a kind historical item!!! Full set consisting of 7 items - coat, trousers, overcoat, hat, boots, etc.

His name is written on the labels and FI monogram is on the case.

Note multiple loops to attach awards on the coat and over-coat.


Now you can appreciate this beauty in full red, gold, white and other colors!!!

















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Description in German:

Komplette Galauniform als Feldmarschall der Österreichischen / Ungarischen Husaren

aus den Nachlass des FELDMARSCHALL ZAR FERDINAND I. von Bulgarien

1. Scharlachrote Attila in der Ausführung der I. Rangklasse (FELDMARSCHALL), alle Effekten sind vergoldet und in feinster Qualität
Auf der rechten Brust ZAHLREICHE Schlaufen für diverse Auszeichnungen, innen mit dem entsprechenden Trägeretikett
des Hofschneiders Josef Szally in Wien: "Fmsch. König Ferdinand 17.II.16"

2. Scharlachrote Reithose  in der Ausführung der I. Rangklasse (FELDMARSCHALL), alle Effekten sind vergoldet und in feinster Qualität
mit dem entsprechenden Trägeretikett des Hofschneiders Josef Szally in Wien: "Fmsch. König Ferdinand 17.II.16"

3. Weiße Pelzattila in der Ausführung der I. Rangklasse (FELDMARSCHALL), alle Effekten sind vergoldet und in feinster Qualität
mit Zobel Pelz, auf der rechten Brust ZAHLREICHE Schlaufen für diverse Auszeichnungen

4. Kalpak Pelzmütze (Zobel) mit scharlachroten Sack, Schnüre und Geflechte in vergoldeter Ausführung, weißes seidiges Innenfutter

5. Hellbrauner Leder-Koffer zur Aufbewahrung des Leibgürtels und des Kalpak, mit aufgelegten Zaren Chiffre

6. Leibgürtel / Feldbinde, Ausführung für Generale-Feldmarschall, vergoldetes Geflecht mit weißem Futter

7. Hellbraune Stiefel (Tschismen), mit goldener Randeinfassung und je einem anhängendem Bouillon
Beide Stiefel wurden am Spann restauriert, da sie eingerissen waren

Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich ernannte Zar Ferdinand I.von Bulgarien am 15.2.1916
zum kaiserlich-österreichischen Generalfeldmarschall.

EXTREM seltenes und komplettes Uniformen-Set

Auktion "Ferdinand I. Zar von Bulgarien"
Karlheinz Müller, Limburg des Jahres 1989
Der damalige Zuschlag für diese Uniform lag damals bei ca.100.000.- DM
Der Auktionskatalog mit Abbildungen wird mitgeliefert.

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This uniform was originally sold at the auction back in 1989 - "Ferdinand I. Zar von Bulgarien" conducted by Karlheinz Müller, Limburg.

There was entire catalogue of items belonging to Tsar Ferdinand. I see at least 150 positions in that book.

It looks like large part of Ferdinand's estate was auctioned (uniforms, cases, headwear, etc), meaning there are a lot of his items out there...









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Hello : Really magnificent , its place must be , is my opinion ,at a bulgarian museum . King Ferdinand was as Prince and as King an important figure of Bulgaria s history . he proclaimed the country independence . 

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You can buy it It is only 65 000 EURO It is for sale on Ebay Germany  or you can contact the Seller House of History Hamburg Germany He might sell it cheaper  I also believe that such items belong to the Military Museum in Sofia.

It is interesting to find out who put the items for sale on the Auction in 1989

 If it is King Simeon It is a shame He sold too many items on different auctions he is selling the history of Bulgaria.

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I think it was Simeon who put Ferdinand's items for sale.

In reality such items are pain to keep and require proper special care, specifically for wool and fur. Uniforms are bulky, you can't just put them on a hanger and hang in a closet. Plus you need to watch for moth and other dangers...

With time they become more of a liability.


Awards are more portable and don't take as much space.

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On 11.04.2017 г. at 11:37, Graf said:


Можете да го закупите Тя е само на 65 000 евро е за продажба на Ebay Германия или можете да се свържете с продавача на Камарата на историята Хамбург Германия Можеше да го продават по-евтино Аз също вярвам, че такива елементи принадлежат на музея на Военния в София.

Интересно е да се разбере кой сложи елементите за продажба на търг през 1989 г.

 Ако тя е цар Симеон Срамно е Продаде Твърде много елементи на различни търгове той се продават историята на България.

for great regret, King Ferdinad's grandson, Simeon, has sold many possessions to King Ferdinand, as well as many of the orders of King Ferdinand!
He should be very shy, but unfortunately - not so.

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In the meantime -

Bulgaria’s Former King and PM Simeon II Celebrates his 80th Birthday

Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Bulgaria’s former Prime Minister and ex king celebrates his 80th birthday on 16th of June. Thanksgiving service was held in St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. Later in Vrana Palace, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha will welcome guests from all corners of Europe, members of Royal families, Bulgarian statesmen and politicians, reported BNT. 

The church service was attended by nearly all members of his family, including his wife Margarita, his sister Maria-Luisa, and members of the royal families of Spain, Romania, Serbia, Albania, were present.

The thankgiving service was led by His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte in a ministry of Metropolitans of the Holy Synod. After the prayer Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was greeted by of citizens.

Members of the former parliamentary group of the Bulgarian National Movement Simeon II, to which Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha was a leader, and ministers from his government which was in office from 2001 – 2005, will also join the celebrations.

All his children and grandchildren came to Bulgaria to celebrate with him the happy occasion.

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Its very sad , King Ferdinand was present at Kaiser Franz Joseph funeral dressed in the uniform auctioned . in the same dress assisted to the coronation of emperor Karl as King of Hungary . The uniform is charged with History and in last instance belongs to Bulgaria .too .

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Simeon is a character with very questionable motives.

Why do you think he ran for the Prime Minister post? One of the main reasons was access to land and property in Bulgaria. While he was a PM in Bulgaria laws were passed which allowed him personally and his relatives to acquire huge number of properties from Bulgarian state. We are talking about thousands acres of land, forests, palaces, buildings and other property. Some of the property was taken by Simeon under false claims, because it never belonged to the Royal family. After he left office lawsuits were filed and large amount of properties were transferred back to the state, including 450 acres of land and three palaces.



Old clothes and medals of his grandfather are nothing compared to this massive wealth grab!

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