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Selous Scouts items

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Hi All,


This is a bit of a round about question, but rather than just post something in the classifieds, I thought I would check what sort of interest is out there with respect to Selous Scouts items. I collected heavily to the unit, but have not done much with it for several years. Instead, I am collecting to my own regiment. So, is there much interest out there for people wanting items?





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I berlieve we have a number of members in southern Africa but am not sure what their collecting interests are.  OTOH, dependiong on where you were thinking od selling, I suspect you would fins a lot of interest in Selous items, as such 'elite' units seem to fetch a real premium among some collectors.  Good luck.

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Not my field of collecting but I am sure someone will be interested, this Unit appears to have a big following in the collectors world and having checked various sites appears to sell quickly when listed.

Perhaps you could show some of the items in a relevant thread to gain Members interest. I would certainly like to see original examples.

All the Best, Simon.

Sorry Peter,

Must have been typing at the same time!


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Thanks for the replies!

Just to give you an idea of what I have, here is a shot of the majority of things I have. There are a few other things that are not shown here, but you'll get the idea.




Scouts shirts.JPG

007 - Copy.JPG

Scouts Mug.JPG

Breast badge 001.jpg

Merit 001.jpg

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Hi Simon,

Yes, I have several issued wings and non issued wing. The issued wings are to the following;






2 Troop







7 & 10 Troop, 3 Group







7 Troop, 3 Group







7 Troop, 3 Group, Signals


Named clothing is, shirts for Lt. Col. Reid-Daly and for Maj. F.J. (Butch) Duncan. I also have a dress uniform of Capt. Tim Callow, Recce Troop, but may hang on to that for a while.


The only other named item is the small chalice, shown in the previous reply, for 729747 Sgt. K.D. Oldham, wing #0071.



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It looks as if the manufacturer is "North' something - a commercial label by the look of it, which is odd to my mind.  Any way to find out if this company DID make gear for the Scouts?  Here's the only image I found searching 'Selous Scouts gear made by 'North''.  Similar, I think, but not the same. But the source is a Pintrest page, so no useful source for the shot. 


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