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Good morning gentlemen!

This is probably an extremely long shot but can anyone tell me anything about Wilhelm Hobacher, or maybe point me in the direction of where I might find information? 

The reason being: he was my paternal grandfather. My father passed away 3 years ago and it's only recently, after going through some of his paperwork, that I've felt compelled to find out more of my family history. My father was never very forthcoming in this department, only ever telling me snippets.

Obviously I know that Wilhelm manufactured medals for the Third Reich but I'd like to know, for instance, how this came about when his factory was originally used for making costume jewellery. Would he have volunteered his services or would his factory have been commandeered, as my father once told me? I have the basic information, such as his date and place of birth and the approximate date, and place, of death but would like to fill in as many gaps as I can.

I've managed to find some interesting documents online at Fold3.com and have contacted the current residents of Wilhelm's old factory in Vienna who, I hope, will also be able to help in some way, but I'm exploring every possible avenue which may lead me to discovering further details of his life - hence me joining this forum!

I'll be very grateful for any help whatsoever, though I appreciate my request may be an unusual one!

Thank you for reading



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Sorry no idea but good luck with your search. You could perhaps try some of the more main stream fora such as Wehrmacht awards forum. Have an ask on there you never know, just be aware it can get a bit bolchey on there so if anyone is rude just ignore them. I am sure given your enquiry a lot of people will be bending over backwards to get their hands on any surviving paperwork so you should be well received.  Good luck again!

Best Regards


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Hi Cilli1902,

you could send an inquiry to the Vienna City Archive asking them to find his entry in the Gewerberegister, where the founding date and other information of the factory are written down in. In some instances the archives also kept a file with additional data. Another option is the Handelsregister with varying amounts of information, dependend on the legal type of the business (OHG, GmbH, AG)


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