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Good conduct document.

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The only thing I know about it, is "Good conduct document". That is all. Who, where, when?

I am a beginner in Japanese militaria, etc., and not even a single thing comes to my mind. Usually a document like that would mean some kind of reward, benefit, or anything. How did that look like in case of Japan?

By the way, if anyone could give me any info about what is written there, such as who, where, when, unit, etc., that would be great.


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This is indeed 


善行證書 - Good Conduct [Certificate]


It was issued  

大正五年十一月二十八日 - Novermber 28, 1916


陸軍歩兵上等兵 - Superior Private (infantry) 

渡邊三郎 - Sabu Watanabe

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