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Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

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Order for Merits for the People with Silver Rays awarded on the same day as the Order of Brotherhood and Unity. December 31st, 1973.





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On 07/09/2017 at 11:55, BalkanCollector said:

Let's see your documented groups of the Socialist Yugoslavia.

Here's a group of my grandpa's awards with miniatures and documents. I've already posted his awards but I've never posted his documents. Funny story is that there's a Commemorative Medal for 20 Years of Yugoslav People's Army on his miniature bar but he never received that medal since he was at the academy at the time the medal was awarded in 1961. He also got a Tito plaque when he retired but unfortunately the document is lost.






Hello, this is a really nice group, with I suppose a huge affective signification...

Let me ask you a few  questions please:

-What is the link between the small certificate ("uverenje") and the big dilpoma? Were they both decerned to the recipient (as it is done in Hungay or CSSR)

-I never saw any document about the commemorative medal (10, 20 and 30 years of JNA), do they exist?

Thank you for your insight!

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Thank you Seb! 

There's no difference between small and big certificate. The bigger certificate was given for more important awards although they also started using it for lower awards in the 80's as I've seen a few Order of Labor 3rd class awards which are very common and low award with a big certificate.

Commemorative medals were never awarded with a document.

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On 23/04/2018 at 16:56, BalkanCollector said:

I've acquired a new group. I had a Partisan Commemorative Medal of 1941 but I've managed to get the rest of the gentlemen's awards. Here's the photo of the group and I will post more detailed photos as soon as possible.


After a few hours of research I've managed to find where did this gentleman fight during the People's Liberation War.

He was a fighter of 16th Banija Brigade which saw action in the biggest battles of that war, Battle of Neretva and Battle of Sutjeska. All in all I'm very delighted with a result of my research.

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Nice job recreating this man's awards.

Here's what I've done: I found the docs at my new favorite seller's page and had three of the four awards in my collection already. So I bought the missing award to recreate the set.  Not a matching set but a set I enjoy nonetheless.




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Those orders were issued to one Yugoslav (Serbian) colonel of AA branch.

He was a high officer in Kingdom of Yugoslavia and was in charge of AA protection of Belgrade at the beginning of Second world war. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any of his pre war decorations, and I suppose that they don’t exist any more as I have bought all which was left after he deceased. The only pre communist item is that POW id plate.

He was in Yugoslav People Army till mid 50s with a rank of colonel. What is interesting is that his Order of People’s army II class was awarded in 1952, in the same year that order was established. He was also awarded with the Order of Military merits I class as well as with Order of merits for the people II class. 

There are two additional plaques, both on the theme of AA defense.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got any awarding documents, but some photos from his trip to the USA in 1952 where he was leading one official yugoslav delegation to Fort Bliss, TX.





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My newest uncomplete group consisting of "Spomenica 1941" and an early Order for Merits for the People 2nd class awarded in 1948. It belonged to a Colonel of a technical branch of service. He was a commander of company (četa) in the 1st Lika Proletarian Brigade during the People's Liberation War. Some of you have probably seen his spomenica and I've acquired his other award this week.







Order for Merits for the People 2nd class




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Here's my latest documented group. Order for Merits for the People 3rd class (#74,0XX) and a Medal for Bravery. They were awarded to reserve zastavnik (sergeant). Both of the awards have been awarded on the 6th of June 1949.

Research for further information about the man is in progress...





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Wrong thread but it's alright. 

It's hard to say since the photos are poor. If it's real, it most likely isn't an awarded piece since a lot of them come from supplies.

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