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Interesting photographs of decorated people

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18 hours ago, new world said:

Possible, it could also be Grand Cross of Austrian St. Joseph order.

You are correct, especially considering that the photo was taken [roughly] in the years of WW1. However, I'd consider this a less likely scenario. I did compare the widths of the Alexander star and the sash, and the ratio suggests it's a 1st class star (not a 2nd class, as some might have suggested).

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Prime-minister Stambolov - one of the few Bulgarians to have been decorated with the 1st class of the bravery order. We can also see a diamond (?) St. Alexander star and perhaps a gold grade medal of merit.


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Hi Ilieff,


Very nice photo.

I do not think the St Alexander has swords, although the crown design is such...or could be not a Bulgarian Order as well. Other members might have different ideas

Not unusual an Order to be worn on ladies ribbon, although not many pictures exist with such a display.


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Serbian teacher Miladin Zarić (Миладин Зарић) wearing Bravery Order 4th class, 1st grade, among other decorations.
Zarić became famous during WW2 when he saved the Old Sava Bridge in Belgrade from being blown up by the retreating German troops. 

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Interesting picture of the Serbian teacher. an also his bravery action

Without trying to be a pain I am still not convinced that there are swords Please zoom as max as possible and use additional magnifying glass. 

Here are the Officer Class of St Alex with sword above. They are quite solid and will be more visible on the picture.The shadow look more likely behind the cross  and very fine non metallic  nature lines

The only explanation, if the swords are existing,  is Princess Nadezhda was a symbolic  head of  Millitary Unit...and this Unut took part in war time actions


Picture 465.jpg

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Very nice photo Paja. Thanks.


By the way, this thread should not be treated as 'Bulgarian-related' only, even though it's currently the case. I'd be happy to see more interesting photographs of other countries too. 


As for the swords/no-swords dilemma - my understanding is that if there are crossed swords above the cross, then [in most cases] the lappets won't be there and vice versa. This suggests that if there weren't any swords present, then we should see the lappets of the crown. I can't.

And no, the Princess wasn't the commander of a Bulgarian military unit, as far as I know. My thinking is that she's been given the St.Alexander order for Her personal deeds as a nurse in the field hospitals of the Great War.

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Very nice. Vojvoda Stepanovic was the sole foreigner to have been decorated with the 2nd class order "For Bravery" during the Balkan wars. In total, during the period of 1912-1913, there were 9 decorations with the 2nd class order - all remaining 8 orders were given to Bulgarian generals (Savov, Fichev,  Kutinchev, Ivanov, Dimitriev, Toshev, Dikov and Todorov). 

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Vojvoda Bojović's decorations surfaced in 2016. Here are couple of photos of his Bulgarian decorations.
Order of St. Alexander 2nd Class (Rothe)
Order of Military Merit 2nd Class (Schwerdtner), 1904.
Apologies for going off-topic.

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Since we're on the topic of display of awards, here's another interesting one:

Display of the honours, awards and orders awarded to Shipkoff's Rose essence factory. I did not know that corporate entities could be awarded with orders, too. Or... perhaps  these include the personal decorations of the director himself. Opinions? Which is the French (?) order? 


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6 hours ago, ilieff said:

...I did not know that corporate entities could be awarded with orders, too. Or... perhaps  these include the personal decorations of the director himself. Opinions? ...

Absolutely yes, corporations were awarded as well.

I have an award document from Tsarist period on award to a Factory.


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Nice displays ! They are not at all off-the topic

Hi Ilieff, The French Order is the very bottom one  Order of Legion of Honour.  Bulgaria has been and still is a one of the biggest supplier  of Rose oil for the French Perfume industry.

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Graf---Suspect that what looks like a Legion of Honor actually is actually the insignia representing a grant of an honor diploma to Shipkoff for their efforts/display at the 1894 International Exposition in Antwerp, Belgium.   I posit this identification on position in the display, title placement, item size, and the apparent red-yellow-black ribbon plus the ribbon formed into a bow rather than statutory format.  If the display was composed in Paris [as seems indicated by the inscription at the frame bottom] Legion of Honor ribbon errors would seem especially egregious!  [That said, cannot determine the St Anne ribbon color details!]

A series of table medals in bronze, silver, & gold recognized participants in this Exposition and some [probably exceptional entities] received diplomas of honor.  While I find examples of the table medals on line, I cannot locate an image of honor diploma insignia. 


ilieff--have you been able to examine this display?  If so, could you confirm this item's identification either way?   Similar French made displays very often have only thin obverse facsimiles of [table] medals and orders inset into the backing for spacing, depth, and framing uniformity purposes.   Among others including Isabella the Catholic, French Palmes académiques, Legion of Honor, Belgian Leopold, I have seen Russian St. Anne, Bulgarian Civil Merit and Romanian Crown models of this type but never a St, Alexander mockup or likeness of the 'thin' type.

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