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Oberstleutnant von Stamford - medal bar and miniatures

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Dear forumites,

I'd like to present my latest purchase. A fine medal bar with and a "Miniaturkettchen" (Miniatures) for civilian attire.

•    Preußen, Roter Adler Orden 4. Kl., Herst. Wagner (OEK 1703 ), S/emailliert;
•    Preußen, Kronenorden 3. Kl., Herst. Wagner (OEK 1757), G/emailliert;
•    Preußen; Offz. DA f. 25 Dienstjahre, 4. Form ab 1895 (OEK 1970/1), Br vg;
•    Preußen, Kriegsdenkmünze für Nichtkämpfer 1870/1871 (OEK 1941/2), St;
•    Preußen, Zentenarmedaille 1897 (OEK 1965), Br vg;
•    Persien, Kaiserlicher Sonnen- und Löwenorden gestiftet 1808, Ritterkreuz für Ausländer (sitzender Löwe);
•    Waldeck, Militärverdienstkreuz für Offiziere 2. Klasse 1861 (OEK 2867), S vg mit echt goldenem AV-Medaillon, Efler Seite 60 133 Verleihungen, zurückgegeben (Tod des Trägers) 38, verliehen am 14.1.1882.

This officer resided in Hofgeismar and was Lieutenant-Colonel in the Dragoon Regiment 5 and got his Waldeck MVO2 on January 14th 1882. He was promoted Rittmeister during the Franco-Prussian war (1870-71), Major in 1885 and retired as Oberstleutnant (all this info I got it from the very interesting book of Efler about Waldeck-Pyrmont orders and medals).

However I do not have more data about him: date of birth and death, his CV or any other interesting info. It would be also quite interesting to know how he got the Persian order. I would really appreciate a lot if someone could provide me with more info about this a bit elusive officer.

Thank you very much in advance for your interest and your future comments and inputs.

Best regards,



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Thanks Heiko for the correction... yes it’s a m not n. My fault. There’s no mention of 1866 campaign cross in Efler’s book. I don’t know why Stamford didn’t wear on his bar or miniature chain... that is most strange....

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Another wonderful bar!

I'll leave it up to you and others to decide whether this bar did belong to von Stamford.  In case you confirm that it did, here are his career highlights.  As you can see, he served his entire "Prussian" career in Drag. R. 5.


Ludwig Theodor von Stamford  (23.11.1832-??)

04.03.84  m. Pens. u.d. Unif. d. DR 5 z. Disp. gestellt

08.03.83  d. etatsm. St. Offiz. vom Drag. R. 5, unter Verleihung d. Ranges eines Regiments Kommandeurs, mit Belass. sr. bish. Unif. zu d. Offizieren von der Armee vers.

13.09.82  Oberstlt.

26.06.75  Major

11.04.67  Rittm.

30.10.66  in Drag. R. 5 übernommen   If he was taken into the Prussian army from the old Kurhessian army after its defeat in 1866, would this not mean he fought against the Prussians in 1866 and not with them??????

27.07.60  Prem.Lt.

04.10.51  Sek.Lt. in Kurhess. 2. Hus. R.


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Interesting... thanks for the most valuable inputs. It could also well be that that Pr66 was listed as a mistake. That wouldn’t be the first time that it happened. Furthermore most of the officers who participated the Franco-Prussian war didn’t always automatically end up with a EK like in later wars when EKs were more abundantly awarded. Not to mention that he got a KDM 70-71 in steel (not in bronze) henceforth for non-combatants. 




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On 11/12/2017 at 19:17, VtwinVince said:

Very interesting Schnalle, Claudio. I presume this officer had some Anglo background, judging from his name?

This extract appears to support that thesis


Source: Link to Google Books

and this German language web page appears to explain the origins of the family,



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Some more data (ancestry) on Friedrich Theodor Ludwig von Stamford:

Friedrich Ludwig Theodor von Stamford geboren am 23.11.1832 in Allendorf Werra (Bezirk Kassel, Kurfürstentum Hessen), Sohn des Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold von Stamford und der Charlotte Sophie Wiederhold (geb. 1810 – Todesdatum unbekannt), verheiratet in Littlemore (Oxfordshire, England) am 29.09.1869 mit (Harriet) Maud Huntingford (1848-1942). Ehegattin am 23.07.1942 in Belgium verstorben. Tochter Wilhelmine Maud von Stamford in Frankfurt a.M. (Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, Deutsches Reich) 08.02.1871 geboren.

Interesting that he married in England!


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