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I have been starting to collect the imperial tallies of the many ships that took place during the battle of Jutland.  I wanted to share the ones I currently have.

These are currently on their way to me as of this time.  I have photo edited them to save space.   Thanks for looking.

Imperial Tallies on their way to AK1.jpg

Here are some others.

Imperial tallies of JustinG.png

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Here are some others I have acquired since last posting.

Thanks for looking. 

SMS Rostock.jpg

SMS Moltke.jpg

SMS Von Der tann.jpg

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Another one.  S.M.S Stettin


S.M.S Stettin.png

Here's a piece I did using my S.M.S Kaiser tally:



SMS Kaiser.png

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Both the silver thread and the gold thread S.M.S Derfflinger


Gold script:  Seemännisches Personnel (Deck Related professions)

Silver Script: Schiffstechnisches Personnel (Engineering, technical)

Red Script: Cadets/shipboys


SMS Derfflinger Silver 120cm close.jpg

SMS Derfflinger Müetzenband edited.png

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S.M.S Moltke with photo of the ship. 

S.M.S. Moltke Mützenband.png

SMS Moltke.png

Edited by 2dresq

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Some of the other Imperial ships at Jutland, tallies in wear: -

Starting with SMS Helgoland:



Next: -

SMS Hessen: 



SMS Frauenlob:


Bootsmannsmaat Anton Schmitt (died 31 May 1916) was killed during the battle of Jutland.





SMS Hamburg:





SMS Stuttgart:



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SMS Frankfurt:





SMS Pillau: 




SMS Regensburg:




SMS Wiesbaden:


The writer and poet, Johann Kinau, better known as Gorch Fock.


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Here are some new additions.



5.II.Torpedo=Division.II.5 length.JPG

Matrosenartillerie Kiautschou close cropped.jpg

SMS Oldenburg close cropped.jpg

SMS Schleswig=Holstein cropped.jpg

Batch 2.


I realize that there are duplicates. But they are duplicates in my collection.  That's right, I have duplicates.  😎

S.M.S Alice Roosevelt close.jpg

S.M.S Frauenlob close cropped.jpg

S.M.S Koenig Albert close cropped.jpg

S.M.S Von Der Tann close cropped.jpg

S.M.S. Ostfriesland Close cropped.jpg

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