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Luftwaffe Ogef. flight tunic to a Radio Op/Air Gunner in LG 1

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I would like to present a flight section 4 pocket tunic that was once worn by a member of LG 1 (Lehrgeschwader 1) who saw service in

north Africa and Crete during his time with this unit. Sadly the tunic isn't named, but all cloth insignia (including the Marksman's Lanyard)

are original to the tunic, I have added the bomber clasp and EK 1, cap and belt buckle are also added....



LG tunic (i).jpg

Luftwaffe LG 1 tunic 001.jpg

Luftwaffe LG 1 tunic 002.jpg

Luftwaffe LG 1 tunic 006.jpg

LG tunic (j).jpg

LG tunic (l).jpg

Luftwaffe Ogef. LG1 4 pocket tunic 016.jpg

Luftwaffe Ogef. LG1 4 pocket tunic 017.jpg

Being a member of III (K) LG 1 he would have been a crew member on Ju 88's.....


III LG 1 Ju 88.jpg

Junkers Ju 88 of LG 1.jpg

LG 1 Crete.jpg

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Some history of III. Gruppe


III. Gruppe:


  • Obstlt Hans Seidemann, 1.11.38 - 30.11.38

  • Maj Dr. Ernst Bormann, 1.1.39 - 18.7.40

  • Hptm Karl-Friedrich Knust, 19.7.40 - 10.40

  • Hptm Freiherr von Grothe, 10.40 - 12.40

  • Hptm Bernhard Nietsch, 12.40 - 12.41

  • Hptm Hermann Hogeback, 1.42 - 9.42

  • Hptm Hans-Günther Nedden, 1.5.43 - 25.4.44

  • Hptm Dieter Clemm von Hohenberg, 25.4.44 - 15.5.44

  • ?

    Formed 1.11.38 in Greifswald from III./LG Greifswald with:

    Stab III./LG1 from Stab III./LG
    7./LG1 from 7./LG
    8./LG1 from 8./LG
    9./LG1 from 9./LG

    On 1.9.42 redesignated III./KG6:

    Stab III./LG1 became Stab III./KG6
    7./LG1 became 7./KG6
    8./LG1 became 8./KG6
    9./LG1 became 9./KG6

    Reformed 1.5.43 in Barth from I./KG55 with:

    Stab III./LG1 from Stab I./KG55
    7./LG1 from 1./KG55
    8./LG1 from 2./KG55
    9./LG1 from 3./KG55

    Disbanded 6.44.

Lehrgeschwader 1 (LG 1) (Demonstration Wing 1) formerly Lehrgeschwader Greifswald was a Luftwaffe multi-purpose unit during World War II, operating fighter, bomber and dive-bomber Gruppen. The unit was formed in July 1936. The unit operated most of the prominent German aircraft during the conflict, such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109, Messerschmitt Bf 110, Dornier Do 17, Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju 88 and Junkers Ju 87.

  • Engagements Polish Campaign
  • Battle of Denmark
  • Norwegian Campaign
  • Battle of the Netherlands
  • Battle of Belgium
  • Battle of France
  • Battle of Britain
  • German invasion of Yugoslavia
  • Battle of Greece
  • Battle of Crete
  • Battle of the Mediterranean
  • North African Campaign
  • Eastern Front
  • Western Front
  • Battle of Normandy
  • Western Allied invasion of Germany


The unit was created to control the Lehrgruppe in the Luftwaffe. Stab/LG 1 was formed in July 1936, and on 1 April 1937 the Stab Gruppe was officially created along with I.(leichte Jagd), II.(schwere Jagd), III.(Kampf) and IV.(Stuka) Gruppen.

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