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Research-help for prussian well-decorated staff officer

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Hello all,

I need research-help for Oberstleutnant Erwin Immanuel Fischer (Patent Oberstlt. with 27th January 1914)

In 1914 he served in 3. Großherzogl. Hessisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 168

I have the following informations according to his award documents:

till Ocotober 1914: Chef des Generalstabes des Gouvernements der Festung Metz

till December 1915: Chef des Generalstabes der Armee-Abteilung von Strantz

He held this position till december 1915 and was replaced by Wilhelm Wild


I have no further informations for his service in WW1. I hope someone, especially Glenn J and arb, can assist.

What was his last rank? Where did he served after december 1915?

I couldn´t find him in Ehrenrangliste des Herres 1914-1918:o:o


Thanks and best regards



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I think that sometime after his departure as Chef d. Gen. St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz in Dec 1915 he left the army as a result of a decison by either a court martial or court of honor.  That is why he is not listed in the Ehrerangliste.  There are other instances when someone who left the army under less than honorable conditions does not appear either.  During [eacetime, the Rangl;iste listed such a departued as „Auß. Abg.“

Given his date of rank as an Oberstlt., he should have been promoted Oberst  on 18.08.1916.  If you look at the 1917 DAL, the officer immediately senior to him in 1914, Oberstlt. von Werder (IR 96) was promoted 18.08.1916 O, the officer immediately junior to him in 1914, von Berenhorst (FR 40) was promoted 18.08.1916 P.  If Fischer had been promoted he should have been "P", not Berenhorst.   Looking at the MWB, Fischer is not mentioned in the same list of promotions.

Fischer's departure from the army is not listed in the MWB, which again, is not unusual if he was found gulity of some offence and discharged from service.

Also, he was granted a divorce from his wife in 1918, and his title is given as Oberstlt. a.D.,  So, we can assume he was not guilty of an offence serious enough to result in the loss of his right to call himself "Oberstlt. a.D."  What he did is nearly impossibel to know.  But, he left the army as an Oberstlt., is not listed in the Ehrenrangliste, and so, I thnk it is safe to say he committed some offence that led to his discharge, though with the right to retain his retired rank.




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Hello all,

thanks a lot for your great research Andy.


He's mentioned as Oberstleutnant a.D. on his gravestone. So he was never Oberst.

It seems that he has also lost his prussian citizenship. He received a bavarian citizenship at the beginning of 1919.

He married a second time but finally he was destitute.

I will take further research. But now I have an evidence. Thanks to Andy =)

Thanks a lot and Best regards 





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You too have been busy researching.  Does his gravestone provide the date he died?  I would be interested in knowing tht date and in which city he is buried.  



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Hi Andy,


Erwin Immanuel Fischer was born 26th October 1866 in Smazin, Kreis Neustadt (West-Prussia). He married Clara Toni Hirschborn on 21st November 1903 (born: 15th April 1884)


divorce from his wife Clara on 22nd July 1918

He received his bavarian citizenship on 4th January 1919

He died on 5th Ocotber1938







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Thank you very much!  Here is his career.



Erwin Fischer (26.10.1866-05.10.1938)

22.07.18            die Ehe zwischen dem Oberstlt. a.D Fischer u. der Clara Fischer ist geschieden worden

04.07.15-07.12.15   Chef d. Gen. St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz

22.09.14-04.07.15   Chef d. Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Metz, zugl. bis 04.07.15 m. Wahrn. d. Geschäfte als Chef  d. Gen St. d. Armee Abtl. Strantz beauftr.

30.05.14-15.09.14   Chef d. Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Metz

01.04.13-30.05.14   Kom. d. II./Inf. R. 168  (Offenbach)

20.03.11-01.04.13   i. Gen. St. d. XVI. AK  (Metz)

18.10.08-20.03.11   Gen. St. d. Gouv. v. Mainz

06.02.06-18.10.08   Gen. St. d. 34. Div.  (Metz)

01.10.03-06.02.06   Chef 3./Füs. R. 34  (Bromberg)

22.03.02-01.10.03   k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. d. VII. AK   (Münster) v. gr. Gen. St.

27.01.02-22.03.02   i. gr. Gen. St.

28.12.01-27.01.02   aggr. d. Gen. St. unter Kommandierung z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St.

09.07.00-28.12.01   Adj. b. Komdo. d. Ostas. Exped. K.

01.04.99-09.07.00   k.z. Dienstl. b. gr. Gen. St. v. Inf. R. 140   [27.01.99           in Inf. R. 140 vers.]

01.10.95-21.07.98   k.z. Kr. Akad. v. Inf. R. 146 (bis 22.03.97  v. Gren. R. 3 u. m. einem vordat. Patent vom                   16.06.1890 vers.)

01.10.93-01.10.95   Adj. IV./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

1893-01.10.93       Adj. II./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

16.06.91-1892       in 7./Gren. R. 3  (Königsberg)

16.06.91            Sek.Lt.

18.11.90            Port. Fähnr.


Oberstlt. 27-01-14 C

Major     11-09-07 O3o

Hptm.     23-03-01 A19a

Oblt.     25-01-96 -

Leutn.    16-06-90*

bis 1897  16-06-91


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