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I saw this item Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1813 EK2 Preußen FW Friedrich Wilhelm lll mit Band

( 332559729084 )

for sale on ebay. The question is obvious; is it authentic or a fake. The seller responded to my inquiries by 'guarantying' it is genuine. However, he doesn't allow returns.....hmmmm. What say you experten on the GMIC? 

Although it appears genuine to my untrained eye, I recall in a previous 1813 EK thread that the person had only ever seen one genuine 1813 EK for sale on ebay. Caveat emptor?

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If something doesn't show it's usually because it's either not for sale to the country you're in or if being sold/auctioned in Europe, paypal isn't an accepted method of payment from the seller.

Try the site/country it's being auctioned in e.g German ebay in this case by changing the .com to .de if you know what I mean. For France .fr etc.


It runs another 7 days.

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Thanks. Yes, it is still for auction. It looks authentic to me but I thought the experience here could weigh in with their thoughts. There are a lot of 'shavers' out there I have learned.

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It went for just under $1,400 last week. I would enjoy hearing opinions on its 'authenticity'. I certainly wasn't going to gamble on it though that price was indeed probably too good to be true.

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Thank you for your expertise. Based on the final sale price I assumed it was. I want to acquire a real 1813 EK 2 but will only do so through a reputable dealer ( like Detlev N.). If you would be willing to send me a PM as to how you came to your opinion I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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What do you mean by the "design of the core'? Also, I was led to believe on this forum that a real 1813 EK 2 has an oak sprig whose stem is straighter than later issues and leaves more like cabbage leaves. The ebay piece looks to me (albeit an untrained eye) to have those characteristics. But I trust your opinion which is why it is so good to be a member of the GMIC. Thanks.

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Hey Jay,

I just mean that the elements of the core -- the date numerals, oakleaf spray and cypher -- are rendered in specific designs used only on 1914 EK2s. The designs of all authentic 1813 EK2 cores are well known (there are only about five known 1813 cores) and are different in every aspect from the eBay piece. Also the frame is a 1914 type. 1813 EK2 frames have a different look with a higher bead count.

Have a look at an original 1813 EK2 and compare to the piece on offer.

Here is an original:


Hope this is clear.

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