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Hi all,

Just got this one today and I'm trying to figure out what it is exaclty. I took a guess because the seller price was low. As far as I know  :

-Its post 1953, because of the EIIR seal.

- The coat of arm on the guard are the one of Quebec Province.

- Made in England by Wilkinson and its 40 inches long.

- Look to be  some kind of  «foot guards» model.

It may not be millitary at all, I have tought about Quebec Lieutenant Governor, Quebec Provincial Police or even Parliement Officer Sword. I just have no clue. I'm in complete shadows and any help will be appreciated.






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Wilkinson Sword makes ceremonial swords for many organizations and military units throughout the Commonwealth.  Another forum has suggested that this might be to any regiment from Quebec, but my feeling is that they'd be more likely to use a regimental badge.  On the other hand, a member of the Quebec Provincial Police of high enough rank, someone from the National assembly in Quebec City if any wear swords [Sergeant at Arms?] or other groups are possibilities, in my opinion.  here in Ontario, for example, our Emergency Medical technicians now have a dress uniform and march in our Nov. 11th parades, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that one of their 'officers' had purchased a dres sword from Wilkinson.  All you need is pounds sterling!  

An interesting puzzle!

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I also feel that they will use a specific regimental badge if its millitary. To me It will be weird for a unit to use a provincial coat of arm on a sword when the army is federal and very stiff on having similar stuff cost to cost.

Thats why I think National Assembly, Lieutenant Governor or Quebec Police will made more sense. My problem is that I do not own any, and so far can't find any, references on the subject.

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