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identification os 2 ribbons on a Belgium uniform (between 1930 ) 1940)


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Thanks Guy.

But I have a doubt about the order of the Crown Italy.

I thought the order of the Crown is red / white / red

This still has small red sides and I think it is
red / white / red / white / red
Both sides can easily be seen next to the Belgian centenary medal where the end is black.

For the second ribbon I did mention that you are right.:thumbup:

Are there lists of the Belgian officers who have received the Royal Victorian Order ?





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the White Lion has different widths of colour strips. But it is quite possible that the officer was not able to obtain the correct ribbon and his medal dealer used similar one. If you know the name of the officer I would check if he was awarded by White Lion.





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Thanks Jan

The officer's name is a problem.

I would like to find out the name on the basis of the ribbons.
I only know that the Belgian officer of the cavalry is and that this medal has been received between 1914 and 1940.

If you have a list of Belgian officers who have received this medal, you can always email me.
On this basis I can trace the officer's other medals and other information that the uniform tells me.
This would be a good step in the direction of the name


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bilylev may be correct.   White stripes do look too wide for White Lion--but do not appear to match Serb/Yugoslav White Eagle [and lack greyish hue] or Order pro Merito Melitensi either.  Way too wide for Polonia Restituta.  Not wide enough for Cuban Order of Merit and Honor [of the National Red Cross]... 

Issue--What award does ribbon in these proportions actually indicate if not one of the above?

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I am not negative about the Whito Lion.

But the whole is a strange combination to my own part.
Here a clear view of the other ribbons


On the crown order it is clear that the rosette is gone.
For example, I do not see a militait cross
A medal of war volunteer 14-18 this is strengthened by the crown on the ribbon of the commemorative medal.
The beret for the commemorative medal I foresee that it corresponds to the injury mark on the sleeve. (would normally be a red cross)

What also stands out, he has 2 x 4 loops on the ubniform for 2 breast stars.
I am proud that this officer did not put all the ribbons on his uniform.

In addition, the uniform has 7 frontstrips.

My suspicion that this is before 1940 i. No ribbons from 1940-1945. The cut of the uniform and the pants are also typical 1930s Blue dress

It has the grad of Lieutenant Colonel der Gidsen
All this in conjunction with the 2 foreign symbols of honor must give a good guideline to find the name.

I am aware that this is a lot of work to check a whole bunch of canidates on their files.


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following are belgian recipients of White Lion 4th class:



Name                                   Date of birth    Date of award           Remark

ANSPACH, Paul                        1882          2.3.1939              chairman (Fédération Internationale         

                                                                                                  'Escrime )   

ANTOINE, Léon                         1865          18.2.1927            journalist in St. Vith

CARRON, Marcel                       1892          20.10.1923          captain commandant

DEFRAITÉUR, Raoul Laurent    1895          31.7.1935            staff captain of general staff

Alexandre Gaspard  

DELCOURT, Félicien Francois   1889          20.10.1932          chairman of exibition comitee of

Ghislain                                                                                     International exibition of catolic

                                                                                                  Press Bruxelles 1930

DETAILLE, René Georges          1898          17.10.1947          editor of Le Soir

DIEPENRYKS, Pierre Jean         1896           1.12.1934           major

FORGEUR, Edgar Marie             1877          30.6.1932            Commissioner of the Department of

Constantin                                                                                 Electricity at the exhibition in Liege

FRAIKIN, Joseph                         1873           31.8.1927           bank director in Liége

ISERENTANT, E. L. F.                 1888          20.10.1923          captain commandant

IWEINS DE WAVRANS, Gaston  1885          20.10.1923         Deputy Director at the Ministry of      

                                                                                                   Foreign Affairs

LEURQUIN, Raimond Jean          1885          26.9.1933           Deputy Director of  Ministry of Foreign


LIÉGEOIS, Camille                       1876          30.6.1932           General director Ministry of Science and

                                                                                                   the Arts

LOCHT, Alphonse                         1885          30.7.1934           Legation Secretary of the Belgian  

                                                                                                   Embassy in Prague

LOICQ, Paul Léon Eugen             1888          12.2.1938           Chairman of the International Canadian

                                                                                                   Hockey League

PARMENTIER, William Arthur        ?              7.6.1934             captain, member of the Belgian king

                                                                                                   mission to Czechoslovakia for the

                                                                                                   purpose   notification of the king's

                                                                                                   ascension to the throne                

RADIGUES DE                             1889           31.8.1927          Deputy Director at the Ministry of

                                                                                                   Foreign Affairs

CHENNEVIERE, Charles Marie

Guillaume de

REISDORFF, Achille Jean             1889          16.1.1931          Honorary Chairman of the International

                                                                                                   Federation of Veterans – FIDAC

REYNDERS, Francois Jean           1876          18.2.1937         President of the International Journalism

Léopold                                                                                      Union

RODHAIN, Marie Joseph                1877          5.12.1936         Director of Maritime Companies

RUZETTE, Etienne de                     1894          20.10.1923      Legation Secretary in Bruges

SILVAERTS, Charles                      1888          31.12.1936       ltcolonel of the Health Service

SMETS, Jean Joseph                      1873          26.10.1936       Deputy Director of the Ministry of


SNOY D´OPPUERS, Jean-             1907          28.11.1936        Baron, Director of the Ministry of

Charles                                                                                        Economic Affairs

SNOY, Robert M. G.                        1879          2.2.1928           Baron, Managing Director of the

                                                                                                    International Sleep wagons Company

                                                                                                     in Paris

 SUETENS, Maximilien Richard      1891          31.8.1927          General Director of the Ministry of

Léon Marie                                                                                   Foreign Affairs

 VAN BAERLEM, Adolphe               1885          20.10.1923        deputy director Ministry of Foreign



VAN CUTSEM, R.                         1890            20.10.1923           captain, commandant

VAN DER LINDEN, Fred               1883            27.4.1937             Journalist, member of the Belgian

                                                                                                        Colonial Council, former cabinet

                                                                                                        Chief of General Governor of  

                                                                                                        Belgian Congo

VANDERLINDEN, Ernest               1886            27.6.1928            a banker in Luxembourg, a former

                                                                                                        Czechoslovak honorary   consul  

WERNER, Robert                           1895            24.11.1928          honorary consul of Czechoslovakia

                                                                                                        in Antwerp, trader




I hope this will help to identify the officer.







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can you given me a link tot this medal of your option ?

Normally no ribbons of non-official medals may be worn on military uniforms in Belgium.

But it is also the case that sometimes there is a case of sins.:o

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Hello Guy,


I checked my pictures and the Internet,  but nothing similar in the Belgian medals. Even the Belgian Red Cross medals do not have a match with this typical red and white variation.

However I did find a match for the ribbon. It's an unexpected one but the ribbon of the Danish Korea medal is a match.

See the pictures below.






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Hello Hereman,

Does that medal have degrees?

Because the rosette on the medal, strongly suggests that it is an officer grade of a medal.

I also think that this uniform  is to old for an korea medal

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What I meant to say was that they only used this ribbon and put a Czech officer grade attachment on top.

I did not mean to say that this Belgian officer served on a Danish hospitalship or in a Danish unit. Just that the medal mounted used some different ribbon which looked close enough to use it.

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