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German participant of Waterloo 1815

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May I introduce Louis Heinrich Sichart v. Sichartshoff?

Born 1797, 1814 Ensign (lowest officer grade) in the King´s German Legion (2nd bataillon of the line), he fought in the battle of Waterloo 1815, Lieutenant in 1816.

The he returned to the Hannover army. He became chief of staff in 1857 (colonel), 1858 Major-General, 1864 Lieutenant-General, retreat in 1866, passed away 1882.

The photo probably shows him in the 1860s (the photo is written with "General v. Sichart")

I´m glad to own a photo of a man, born in the 18th century and fought at Waterloo!

General v. Sichart v. Sichartshoff.jpg

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What are those awards?  Clearly before "everyone" received Iron Crosses.

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Hello Paul!

The awards in #2 are:

1st cross: Commander Cross of Guelphen-Medal (2nd class - he later recieved 1st class)

2nd cross: Ernst-August Cross

R.St.A.2. (B.):  Russian St. Anna Medal with brilliants

O.H.2.*: Oldenburger House and distinguished medal Commanders Cross 1.class

B.H.L.2.*: Braunschweigischer Medal Heinrich des Löwen, Commanders Cross 1.Kl.

P.R.A.2: Prussian Red Eagle medal Commander 1.class

O.E.K.3.: Austrian medal of the iron crown, 3.class

H.D.L.3.: Hesse Ludewig medal 3. class

P.J.: Prussian Johanniter medal

E.W.M.: Great-Britain Waterloo medal

M.K.: Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military distinguished cross

(Chief of general staff)

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