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1887 &1897 City of London Police Jubilee medals

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I am hoping to acquire an example of each of these- does anyone know of likely sources, dealers etc who may stock them? Also if anyone spies an upcoming auction with these listed, please let me know- as I am in Australia it is a little difficult to cover all the bases being 8 hours ahead!



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Cheers David. What’s it like to live in the future? Being 9 hours behind GMT, I’m so far into the past, that by the time I roll out of the sack, everything’s over and everyone’s gone home! 

I’m a frequent visitor to Thesaleroom.com or something like that. If you check it often enough, I’m sure that you’ll find all the police medals and other cop related things that will drain your bank account as it has mine. There are other sites, but that one is purely an auction site. Good luck and let’s see some of the things you’ve collected so far. Mike

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Hello Mike,

Yes, the time gap from the centre of the medal world can be an issue. I find it particularly bad on UK Ebay bids. I put in a bid on something closing during the middle of my night and I very often get done by someone in the UK who can think about it and bid in the 2 or 3 seconds before close. In several cases I look at the sold price and think 'I probably would have bid more than that!'

The only way to guarantee a win is to make a ridiculous max bid- and if some fool bids more than the odds my max bid could become huge while I sleep the night away! No chance of a bargain!

What is your collecting area- police I assume?

Kind regards




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