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New Wuerttemberg/WH reactivated officer one

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Hello to all!

Today i got a nice larger 7 place medal bar of a WW1/WW2 reactivated veteran for my collection. (may be some saw it at W. Hamburg)

I only had a few informations about the recipient. With some kind of literature, my notes and Mr. Google

i had the chance to identificate the guy - i am very lucky about that.

The recipient was (Dr. jur.) Ascan Gustav Klee Gobert (he grew up in a Hamburg upper class family) - he had a 1/2 jewish father (his father  was lawyer in Hamburg) and served as Kriegsfreiwilliger (7.8.1914 im Okt. 1914 zugeteilt dem 3. Eskadron)  in

the wuerttemberg Ulanenregiment 20 from 1914/ early 1916. He was promoted to

-Gefreiter 9.12.14

-Unteroffizier 5.5.15

-Vizewachtmeister  4.12.15 and in March 1916 he got his Leutnants patent. (Leutnant d.R.)

He was awarded with the

Iron cross 2nd class  (29.9.15) and

the Hamburg Hanseatenkreuz (7.2.1916) as a Hamburger Jung.

He leaved the Ulanenregiment and went to Jasta 37 as a fighter pilot (i think so, you can see a group picture at www.buddecke.de)

with Ernst Udet and some other air guys. In this time he must have been awarded with the wuerttemberg golden bravery medal (i have his date: 6.9.1917) On the posted article Gobert stands on Pos.2 behind Ernst Udet.

Only ~ 165 pilots (Moser book) were awarded with the golden bravery medal. Would be nice to know why he got the medal and what he

did after joining the Jasta37. In March 1918 he was listed as the Commander of the Staffel. ("Gustav Gobert") Later he got the Hindycross and the bulgarian/hungarian war commemorativ medals for combatants.

In WW2 he was reactivated and served as a  Hauptmann in the Flak (Luftverteidigungskommando) of Hamburg and in occupied France.

He got the clasp to the IC 2nd class and the war merit cross with X as you can see on his shown medal bar. You can find a lot of information

about him in the Internet also in cause of his strange pre name Ascan.

After the war ended he was Senator of Hamburg and member of the CDU party.  He wrote some books and was awarded with the Großes Verdienstkreuz. One of his kids

Boy Christian Gobert was an actor. There´s still an insurance company in Hamburg with the families name.

What i want to know is also, is there a chance to ID the marker of the clasp??? The only one i know is, that this version is not a very early one.

In the state archive of Stuttgart unfortunately no ID card/photo of the 1930s  with his name - i think may be in cause of his 1/2 jewish father.

The golden bravery medal is not a real golden one - it is a veteran´s piece ("Weimarer Fertigung") of gilded bronce. But i also like the rare bar and his history very much and it has

a suburb condition (on the back it has the "Reimann Berlin" pin)


The other son -   Ernst-Ascan Gobert served as Hauptmann in WW2 as pilot and got the KC (Ritterkreuz). He died in 1944 - KIA in the Leuna region. (see picture)













gobert ea.jpg

gobert ascan.jpg

gobert ascan 1.jpg

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Any chance to id. the marker of the clasp?

Stefan, are your here? :)

Now i got a book about him.

He crashed two times (1917/18) with his airplane and was 30 % war disabled. (i think he got the WB black for it)

He finished WW2 as a Major and was never a member of the NSDAP.

He  also got the war aid cross 1st class 1943 and i think for his service at the FLAK (Hamburg was bombed several times) the clasp to the IC 2nd class.

He wrote that he had a bottle of whiskey with Udet - and so they became a good friendmanship till Udet died in the 1940s.

In March 1918 he was promoted to commander of Jasta 37


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Hi ixhs

As he was an flyer I have some minor adds on him. You probably knew that he have an file in BAMA Freiburg and one in BA Berlin, as well one in Karlsruhe and one in Stuttgart so you have a good chance find "complete" info on him. I havent checked any of these files yet.

Lt dR 30.03.1916. Before joining Js 37 he served in FA 38(ex FFA 69) on the Macedonian front, 15.02.1917 until 18.04.1917(maybe first crash). Then he joined Js 37 on 20.10.1917 coming from Jastaschule. I do think he was only "temporary" leader of Js 37 after Udet until the new leader arrived(Georg Meyer). He was apparently posted to AFP 2 on 16.04.1918. The Württemberger loss list dated 01.07.1918 says he was wounded. These WVL(as well Saxon loss list) were generally slower in reporting losses. 

No notes regarding aerial victories.


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